Space Station Mini-PF/Ramp w/HW & Decals BLUE

Space Station Mini-PF/Ramp w/HW & Decals BLUE
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    SPACE STATION Mini-Playfield / Ramp assembly R-11780 - with Injection Tooled RAMP 03-8109 plastic ramp made from original WMS blueprints for a precise replacement.

    The Ramp will be available in BLUE Transparent (PRODUCTION), as well as BLACK (PROTO), as well as CLEAR (CUSTOM). THIS IS THE BLUE TRANSPARENT PRODUCTION RAMP.

    Included as well as the two decals 31-1441-1 and 31-1441-2 for the ramp which are ready to peel and stick on the ramp.

    The Mini-Playfield / Ramp has been designed to use SCREWS for re-attaching the Lane Switch Brackets to make the replacement as easy as possible. The holes have been countersunk to fit the screws which are included precisely, so it's very easy to replace.

    You will have a choice of either BLACK HEX screws -or- STAINLESS PHLIPS screws - so you can choose how you want the playfield to look when assembled (see pictures).

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