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Anyone who buys a Cactus Canyon Remake game from Planetary Pinball (PPS) or our subdealers will automatically be enrolled in the PPS Game Loyalty Program (GLoP).

Also ... NOV 6 Chicago Gaming just announced the Cactus Canyon Remake Special Edition Plus (CCR SE+) which is the CCR SE PLUS the TOPPER!!

Benefits of the GLoP are as follows:

- Option to purchase an exclusive mirrored Cactus Canyon backglass (offered only to ALL CCR customers, limit is one per customer)
- Option to purchase an exclusive, numbered collector's art piece from artist Brian Allen @ (offered only to our CCR customers, limit one per customer) who has been creating various title pinball artwork
- FREE cactus canyon OEM (WMS #21-6721 not engraved) plaque (while supplies last)
- You will be placed on our priority waitlist for the next CGC game (LE Tier 1, SE+ Tier 2 Priority)
- in addition, LE purchasers will be allowed to purchase HD playfield glass for $50 off our regular price.

These loyalty program benefits will also apply to customers who purchase from Nevada Pinball (, Starcade Amusements (, and Don's Custom Service (, and Planetary Pinball (

In addition, if you were on the LE waitlist as of 11/6/21, and you order (and place a deposit for) an SE+ in the 7 days after this announcement, you will be placed on our "Priority Upgrade List", where your SE+ order will be upgraded to an LE order if any LE customers decide to not take their game for no additional charge! Your position on the Priority Upgrade list will be the same as your position on the current LE waitlist. New SE+ customers will be placed on at the end of the current list after those from the LE waitlist. Once your SE+ game ships to you, however, you will be taken off this list.

* PPS reserves the right to sell any unordered backglasses or art pieces to the general market. PPS GLoP subject to change at any time.