PPS Authorized Supplier Partners (Parts, Merchandise) - updated Mar 6, 2019

The following is a list of Authorized Supplier Partners of Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc. These suppliers have authorization to produce products or merchandise using our licensed Williams and Bally Intellectual Property - which includes copyright artwork as well as trademarks (game names, williams or bally logo's and scripts, game artwork, modified artwork) based on Williams or Bally artwork, etc.

If you notice any other suppliers (other than authorized resellers) producing and selling items that are not on this list, please check with us before purchasing as this may be counterfeit or unauthorized use of Williams and Bally IP which we as Licensee of Williams Electronic Games are obligated to ensure that only authorized suppliers are producing and selling items based on Williams Electronic Games IP.

Note also that "Genuine" Williams and Bally parts can only be used when referencing newly produced parts supplied by Planetary Pinball Supply - use of this term by unauthorized parties is not permitted under US Law.

If you have any questions about a seller's items and whether they are authorized or not, if they are not on this list, then please email rick@planetarypinball.com and we will look into and help clarify.

Supplier Partner Location Key Authorized Product Areas
Pedretti Gaming Italy Mods, Toppers, Parts, Decals, etc
Perfect Playfields / Buthamburg Germany Playfields, Parts
Tilt Graphics US (NY) Game Blades, Mods
Chicago Gaming US (NY) Game Remakes
Classic Arcades US (PA) Decals, Translites, Toppers, Mods
Pinball Pimp US (FL) Stencils
TreasureCove US (NY) Decals
Mirco / High Class Playfields Germany Playfields, RadCals(tm), Plastic Sets
Cointaker / Laseriffic US (PA) Toppers, Protectors, Mods
PinGraffix US (NY) PinBlades, PowerBlades
Pinball Props Netherlands Trunks (TOM)
Classic Playfields Canada (NS) Playfields, Plastic Sets, Backglasses
Color DMD US (CA) Colorized LED/LCD Displays
Outside Edge US (OH) Hardtops(tm), Various Pinball Mdse
Pinball Art USA US (OR) Pinball Backglass High End Art
Rusty Walls Sign Shop US (NJ) Metal Signs
TAW Sales US (OH) Light Boxes, Cabinets
Pinball Dreams Germany Misc Products
Mr. Pinball Australia Australia Translites, Cabinet Decals, Misc Decals
Pinsound France Sound Boards / Remastering
Action Pinball US (UT) EPROMS
Astill Entertainment Canada (ON) EPROMS
Matts Basement Arcade US (VA) EPROMS
Merf's Pins US (MN) Silkscreened Aprons/Shooter