PLANETARY PINBALL - Order Information Guide

Please read thru this information on ordering, if you have any questions, please contact PLANETARY PINBALL via our HELPDESK. Our focus is on supreme customer service and great value, so if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Table of Contents


Ordering is easy with our on-line store - you add items to an on-line shopping cart by entering each section and selecting the item and quantity that you would like to purchase. Additionally, you can search for items in the entire store by clicking on the "Search" button on the top of every store page. Finally, you can see the entire contents by category of parts or game by going to the RH column on each page and selecting the appropriate category (‘Parts Category Index’, ‘WILLIAMS/BALLY 1990-2000’, etc). When you are done adding items to the shopping cart, click ‘Checkout’ (upper RH of page) to enter billing, shipping, and payment information. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order.

If you are unable to create an order online, or there are problems (sometimes with older versions of web browsers, etc), it is best to a) either try another browser on your computer or device -or- b) clear all cookies in your browser -or- c) try a different computer or device. Almost every time the issue is with the customer’s setup and we are not able to troubleshoot your computer.

QUICK ADD FEATURE [#quick_add]

Two major features are available on the store to ease ordering:

Quick Add: If you know the PPS part numbers – with Quick add you can quickly enter a list of part #’s and quantities to put into your cart on one page. To get there go to the ONLINE STORE pull-down on TOP of the page (left) and click on QUICK ADD. There are two ways to do this:

1) Quick Add Cart (LH Side) – simply enter a list of part #’s and quantities and enter the QUICK ADD button and will be entered into the cart for normal checkout.
2) Search & Add To Cart (RH Side) – here you can search for items and then add the items that you want from that search in the based quickly and easily. Great for a group of items that you want to add that use the same search string.

SAVE / RESTORE CART [#save_cart]

Many times customers want to build up an order thru several sessions. You can do that within our store by Saving your cart and then Restoring it to add to it or to checkout your order.

NOTE: you must be logged in for this feature to work.

When you have items in your cart – you can hover over the red ACCOUNT/LOGIN button (upper RH) and click on the pull-down SAVE / RESTORE CART

This will give you access to saving a file on your computer which includes the cart items – you can click on SAVE CART which will save the cart to a local file.

At that time you have additional operations:

  • DELETE SAVED CART – remove the locally saved cart
  • OVERWRITE SAVED CART – erase what was there and save what is currently in your basket
  • CLEAR CART – clear all items from your cart
  • RESTORE SAVED CART – restore what you had previously saved and either add more or checkout

A usual operation would be to a) Add items to your cart, b) SAVE CART, c) Come back later in a new session and RESTORE SAVED CART, d) then add more items and e) either SAVE or Checkout your Cart.


PLANETARY PINBALL accepts a number of payment options for the on-line orders. We accept Credit Card, Paypal, and Debit Cards.


Shipping charges are calculated automatically at checkout. Options for shipping include USPS (Priority Mail is recommended for US), UPS, and Fedex is also an option. IMPORTANT: You are responsible for insurance for your items. Insurance is an option for all items purchased. If you select standard USPS (no insurance), and the package is lost or damaged, you will be responsible for the loss.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY: Automatically generated shipping charges will be checked and will be adjusted (and confirmed with you before the order is shipped). Adjustments may be for any of the following: oversized or heavy orders, unavailability of a shipping option at that time. PLANETARY PINBALL will contain you if additional charges apply and get your confirmation. There will be times that the store cannot calculate correctly the size of the box(s), this is especially true when ordering Trim with other items which are not long and thin.

CHECK the shipping charges: shipping charges are calculated automatically based on the destination location, the shipping carrier, and total weight of the package. It is our intention to charge you the closest to the actual shipping cost as possible (which is not always what the shipper charges us - for example if we 'self-insure' the package, etc). But, if you don't feel that the shipping charge is correct or appropriate, send create a helpdesk ticket, and we will check and either explain or correct.

LOCAL PICKUP: For Local customer orders in Northern Nevada (Sparks, NV), there is a shipping option for Local Pick-up / Local Delivery – use this option to pickup the order from our warehouse location. You will be notified with some details and asked a time slot that you will pick up your order. You will be given final instructions and then proceed to pickup the item. Note, we do not run a retail outlet, so pickup will be limited to picking up your order only.

SHIPPING: Shipping will usually occur within 1-2 days of the order, possibly longer if a complex order or customer input is required. Customer will be notified of items not in stock and have the option to request those items be backordered.

INSURANCE: Insure your packages! Without insurance if your package is lost or misdelivered it will be your responsibility.


TAXES: PLANETARY PINBALL will charge US Sales Tax when we are required to do so, generally in the state of Nevada. Other states may be required based on Wayfair criterion. In any event, if you are not charged sales tax in your state on your order, then it is your responsibility to do so if required.

EXEMPTION CERTIFICATES FOR RESELLERS: Whether you are a PPS reseller or not, if you are reselling our items, then we request that you send us a completed sales tax exemption certificate (SST, MTC) so that if we are required to change sales tax in your state we will have you as exempt. NOTE if we believe that you are reselling items and you do not have a current sales tax exemption certificate we reserve the right to cancel orders unless and until such a certificate has been received by PPS.

EXPORT TAXES: PPS will generally not charge Import Tariffs – that is the responsibility of the customer. VAT, GST, and other type taxes are not usually processed in International orders. Additionally, any special Import Duties are the responsibility of the customer and are not included in the total for the order.

Please do not ask us to alter the sales amount for Customs paperwork, we run a legitimate business and will not falsify customs documents. The value of the shipment will be the dollar amount of the order (not including shipping). We will also use the Harmonized tariff code of 9504.30.00.60 for your parts order.

LOST PASSWORD [#lost_pwd]

If you forget or otherwise lose your password, then under the ACCOUNT/LOGIN click on ‘Forgot password?’ – then you can enter the email account associated with the account. You should receive an email shortly with a link to reset your password. When you click on that link you will see a new temporary password and you can then login. You can then go to account information and change your password to something that you will remember.

NOTE: if you do not remember your email address -or- your email address is no longer valid – we cannot fix that problem as we cannot authenticate you. The best option is to create a new account name and write down or otherwise remember the email address and password.


Refunds or Exchanges will be limited to items purchased from PLANETARY PINBALL ten (10) days from date of receipt of the order. No returns or exchanges will be made after 10 days from receipt of the order - please check your order as it is received. We must receive a HELPDESK ticket from you within within that timeframe.

Depending on the issue, the following is the general policy:

  • Damaged in Shipment
  • Electronic Item does not work:
    • Customer may be directed to OEM for Warranty service.
    • Exchange only with Approval (OEM)
  • Quality Issue
    • Customer include pictures/description in ticket
    • PPS will evaluate issue if quality issue then PPS will issue a return shipping ticket, and customer will return original item. PPS will then ship out the replacement item no charge.
  • Missing item / Incorrect Item
    • Please check carefully as many items find their way into packing materials, etc.
    • If PPS agrees on the issue, depending on the situation will issue a return shipping label, as well as ship out the correct item. Customer will not be required to pay for shipping.

Shipping costs are NOT refundable, refunds are issued for the original purchase price of items only minus a 15% re-stocking charge. PLANETARY PINBALL will refund against your original payment (credit card, paypal, etc) and may take several days to process and be reflected, after receipt of the original item.

Some items are not returnable: Electronic Components, Displays, Used Items.

Any items returned must be in the same condition as when they were shipped, in the ORIGINAL packaging. Customer is responsible for the costs for any items sent back unless agreed upon beforehand by PLANETARY PINBALL.

For items damaged in shipping, if the item was not insured, this is unfortunately your loss, there is nothing that we can do - we ship frequently, and package items based on how we think is appropriate and have a very high rate of getting packages thru without damage.

If your package has items damaged and you are insured - immediately contact PLANETARY PINBALL as well as the shipper (USPS, Stamps.Com, UPS, FedEx), and file a claim. Be sure to keep all of the original packaging intact and packing materials. Depending on the value of the claim there may be a requirement to have the shipper pick up the package, and inspect - a normal part of the process. Note: PLANETARY PINBALL cannot refund immediately, as the refund recipient needs to be determined. If it is PLANETARY PINBALL, we can then proceed with a refund or a replacement item. If it is you the customer, then you are free to re-order as you wish.


If you order an item and you need to cancel, you must file a HELPDESK ticket immediately indicating the need and the reason to cancel the order. Note that orders often ship the same day as ordering, so sometimes it is not possible to let us know before the order has shipped.

  • If the order HAS NOT shipped: we will notify you that we are cancelling the order and that a refund will be pending. Note that a refund to your account may take several days to execute and clear.
  • If the order HAS shipped: we will notify you that the order shipped and provide options. Generally we will try to intercept with the carrier and have the package returned – if that is not able to be done, then customer is responsible for returning the order at customer’s expense. In either case the Customer will be responsible for the outbound shipping costs that cannot be recovered.

Planetary Pinball, although rarely done, may at it’s discretion cancel orders or refuse service to customers. Some examples of reasons include: false information, non-verifiable address, suspected fraudulent transaction, customer harassment, customer will not pay required additional shipping charges, customer purchasing items for resale without

*** NOTE: PPS does not discriminate against people based on Race, Color, Ethnicity, National Origin, Religion, Gender, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Disability - or any other characteristic protected under applicable law.

LOST PACKAGE [#lost_package]

Lost packages rarely happen, as often the package is returned, or mis-delivered to a different address. If you suspect your package is delayed beyond what is reasonable, note that most carriers even with tracking may require up to XX days before they consider a package lost.

If your package shows DELIVERED, but you do not have the package, then a)

  • Check very carefully around the location, or possibly with other people who may have accepted the package on your behalf.
  • If you do not find it then IMMEDIATELY contact your local carrier and ideally talk the person who would have that route and tell them that a package shows delivered, but you do not have it. Have them search for the package. Note that we cannot contact your local post office as we do not have the authority to have them search on a customer’s behalf – it must be the customer. Have them verify the tracking and explain the situation.
  • If the package is still not found you will need to file a claim with either a) the local carrier, or b) with your homeowners policy as a stolen package. PPS cannot be responsible for errors caused by mis-delivery by a delivery service or a stolen package.

If your package has not been delivered in a long period of time, or the tracking shows an issue then:

  • File a helpdesk ticket and let us know the issue. We will look at the tracking and will initiate a request with the carrier to let us know the status of the shipment.
  • If the carrier indicates that the package is lost, PPS will file a claim. At that point we will then resend the package.

ITEMS NOT IN STOCK [#no_stock]

If an item is not in stock then you have the option to be notified when (and if) the item is back in stock. On the item page you simply add your email to where it says "Add to Waitlist" and you will be notified when the part is back in stock.

Occasionally, Items that you have ordered will not be available for immediate shipment. When this occurs, the customer will be notified of what item(s) is not available and our best estimate of when (and if) the item will be back in stock. We will then provide one or more options to resolve the out of stock item. PLANETARY PINBALL can backorder items, and will ship when they arrive or we can cancel the item from your order and refund.

HOW TO CONTACT US [#contact]


Contact PLANETARY PINBALL thru the HELPDESK! This is the primary way, as your ticket will be routed to the correct resource to get the best most timely answer. The helpdesk link is HERE .


PPS does have a Dealer program which is designed for those businesses who regularly order parts for their customers needs, and generally do stock and maintain large quantities of parts. Dealers have discounted pricing when they log in to the store.

The following types of business will be considered:

  • Pinball Restoration
  • Entertainment Centers / Arcades
  • Pinball Repair / Servicing
  • Pinball Shops – online and physical

In order to be considered as a DEALER, we would need the following information to

  • Business Name, Contact Information (address, contact email, contact name)
  • Description of your business, who your customers are, and types of items you would be purchasing
  • Send this information to:

Upon review and acceptance into the dealer program, we will send you a message indicating that you have been accepted into the program.

  • For US Dealers – you will need to provide a CURRENT SIGNED Resale Certificate, as well as your TAX Certificate for your STATE
  • For International Dealers – nothing additional is required

REWARD POINTS – P3 [#points]

Planetary Pinball recognizes it’s most important part of the business – YOU The Customer!

We have implemented a customer points program which rewards those who shop with us – the more product you buy the more your points are worth, and best of all you can ‘pay’ for items using your points balance!

What’s even better is that we will be running additional specials to make your points even more valuable from time to time. This on top of our already low prices on Pinball Parts, Addons, and Merchandise. It’s like having a ‘cash back’ credit card for pinball parts!

PPS at any time can offer points promotions which include point multipliers on specific products and categories as well as other promotions. Also PPS may offer to different those with different levels of points different promotions. To get started you can monitor the level that you are currently at:

Total Points Level
$500 1
$1000 2
$2500 3
$5000 4
$10000 5

You can get started right now – once logged into the PPS store you will see your current points balance as well as you can pay with points for all or a partial amount with the points that you have. The more points in your balance the more they are worth.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Terms & Conditions – Planetary Pinball Points – P3

  • By using or accepting any P3 benefits you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions
  • Points are only accumulated for customers who have logged in and make purchases - we are not responsible for lost points due to not being logged in, having multiple accounts, technical glitches, etc.
  • Points are non-transferable and may not be combined with another user’s points.
  • Game Sales and/or Game Deposits are NOT eligible to accrue points - also you cannot use points to redeem against Game Sales and/or Game Deposits .
  • PPS reserves the rights to restrict points accrual and points usage for specific items at any time
  • Points expire 1 year from when they are added to your balance – usually via a qualified item purchase.
  • Points are not redeemable for cash – they are only redeemed for in-stock items within the Planetary Pinball Retail Store
  • The awarding of points and the redemption of rewards are void where prohibited by law.
  • Not all items accumulate points and PPS has the right to change where and how points are accumulated at any time for any reason.
  • Resellers and Dealers are specifically excluded from the program. If you purchase items for resale, we reserve the right not to award points, to deduct improperly awarded points,.We have the sole discretion over whether to deem any purchase a “purchase for resale”.
  • PPS has the right to terminate the P3 program at any time for any reason or no reason and with or without notice.
  • The PPS Points program is created and controlled by Planetary Pinball Retail in the State of Nevada in Washoe County. As such, the laws of the State of Nevada will govern these disclaimers, terms & conditions, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of laws. You hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts located in Washoe County, NV in all disputes arising out of or relating to these terms and conditions or the program.

DISPUTES [#dispute]

PPS is dedicated to addressing customer issues as quickly as we can. Sometimes this is more difficult for various reasons (pictures are required, shipping claim, supplier needs to be involved, etc). We have an exceptional reputation for handling customer issues. Within 10 (ten) days of receiving your order is the key window for letting us know of an issue thru the HELPDESK ticket.

DO NOT FILE A DISPUTE first! What this does is tie our hands in many ways that prevent us from giving you the best options and explanations. Without this, this is not a fair situation if we cannot address an issue before a payment provider gets involved, and may limit what we can do to address the issue. Certainly if a customer is not satisfied with our attempt to resolve then they can always file a dispute with their payment provider.


FAQ#1: [#faq1]

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in Northern Nevada in the Reno/Sparks Area near the California Border with Nevada, PST

FAQ#2: [#faq2]

Q: Do you have a local retail counter?
A: No, we are an online store, with a local pickup option only for local (Northern Nevada) customers.