ROM Information and Upgrades

ROM revisions for select games are maintained on-line and can be downloaded. See EPROM Programming Information on how to use Pinball Software downloads to burn new ROMs for your game. Click on history for ROM revision history.

Click on your machine type to see a list of the software images available.


Pinball 2000

For machines in the Pinball 2000 series, manufactured in 1999 (Revenge From Mars)

WPC / WPC-95

For machines manufactured between 1990 (Funhouse) and 1998 (Cactus Canyon).

System 11

For machines manufactured between 1986 (High Speed) and 1990 (Riverboat Gambler).

System 9

For Space Shuttle, Sorcerer, and Comet.

System 7

For machines manufactured between 1981 (Black Knight) and 1984 (Laser Cue).

System 3,4,6

For solid-state pinballs manufactured between 1978 (Hot Tip) and 1980 (Algar).

Early Bally Machines

For solid-state pinballs manufactured between 1978 (Freedom) and 1982 (Speak Easy).

Test Fixtures

For Williams Pinball Test Fixtures.