PPS Approvals for Remake Games, IP Use Games, and Game Kits are updated per below

Approval Status for Game and Game Kits:

Supplier Game/Kit Name Approval Status/Date Deposit Status/Date License Hologram Description Key Milestone Dates
Cactus Canyon Remake Mfg/Sale Approved Deposit status/date Remake of the Bally Midway 1998 Cactus Canyon Pinball Machine. Machines are Limited Edition (LE) at 1250 units max, Special Edition Plus (SE+) includes topper, and Special Edition (SE)
  • Announced Fall 2021
  • Production Start Dec 2021
Funhouse Rudy's Nightmare Game Kit Marketing Approved Deposit status/date This is an update game kit for Funhouse called Rudy's Nightmare - includes new CPU, Two Displays, Graphics, as well as game code to run both the original version of the game as well as the new game.
  • Announced Nov 2021
  • Pending Mfg/Sale approval (expected Dec 2021)
  • Availability starting late Dec 2021 and shipping after that.
Fathom Revisted Remake Marketing Approved Deposits Taken Fathom Revisited Remake of Fathom pinball with additional Game Rule set for the Mermaid Edition (limited)
  • Announced for Marketing Launch April 2021
  • Pending Mfg/Sale approval before games ship
  • Built and shipping from Australia


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Company Game/Kit Name Approval Status Deposit Status License Hologram Description Key Milestone Dates
Game/Kit Name1 Approval1 Deposit1 Description1
  • date1
  • date2
Game/Kit Name2 Approval2 Deposit2 Description2
  • date1
  • date2