PCup GameSaver - Angle Brkt (Pin) - Trans Red w/Bottom

PCup GameSaver - Angle Brkt (Pin) - Trans Red w/Bottom
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    Here is the PCUP Game Saver - revolutionary new cup for PINBALL and ARCADE GAMES (and anything else)!!

    There are a couple of things to know about these cup holders:

    a) Same Bracket for Left or Right - no more ordering a "Left" or a "Right"
    b) Lots of Colors - MADE IN USA - Including a NUKE Green, Glow In Dark, and Transparent Colors!
    c) Two different Brackets - one for Angle Mount (Pinball) and one for Straight Mount (Arcade Games, etc)
    d) Provision for LED Lighting (Transparent Colors only) - bottom cap can hold LED's for LIGHT UP Cup Holders
    e) Can Screw (included) Bracket to Cup to Prevent Theft -OR- not to make it easy to Clean
    f) Great prices!

    These cups will hold all sorts of different things - cans, bottles, coffee cups, glasses, etc - designed to be very flexible.

    - CUP
    - BRACKET (either straight or angled)
    - BOTTOM CAP (transparent colors only)
    - SCREWS (3 for transparent, 2 for other colors)
    - WASHERS (2 for leg bolts)

    RESELLER/DEALER Inquiries Welcome!



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