Black Knight 2000 Playfield Protector

Black Knight 2000 Playfield Protector
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    NEW! Playfield Protectors are just the solution for protecting and limiting any additional wear on the entire playfield for your game!

    The solution is a thin layer of clear protective polycarbonate that will protect the playfield as well as give it a glossy finish. Better alternative to cutting and sticking mylar or more time intensive clearcoating of playfield.

    • .75mm Makrolon product
    •  fits the game layout,
    • billiant look
    •  fast installing
    •  long time protection
    •  can remove without any problems
    • ball rolls smoother and quieter
    • protectors equalizes unevenness

    The playfield protector is cut to the outline of each playfield and comes with protective film on both sides that gets peeled off. To install the playfield will need to be partially stripped down, and varies based on the game itself so as to lay down the protector without anything in the way.

    See the write up at pinball news which gives additional overview and an example installation of the product !