OEM Opto 5490-10159-00 Drop Target Opto (click Details)

OEM Opto 5490-10159-00 Drop Target Opto (click Details)
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    OEM Opto 5490-10159-00 - this is original 4 Pin OEM/NOS opto used mostly on WMS drop target assemblies - including: A-14522, A-21922, C-11319, C-11546, C-11903, C-11212, C-11903, C-12499, C-13450, C-13205, A-13595-3, C-11223-1, C-11223-2, C-13205-1, C-11223-3, C-11223-4, C-13706, C-13581-1, D-13551, C-13581-2, C-13581-3, C-13581-4, D-12046, A-14093-1, A-17169, A-21248, C-12036, C-12036, A-21675, A-21922, A-21939, A-22488, A-22487, A-22554, A-22553, A-22552, A-22683, etc.

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