Vortex Ramp - Bare 03-8029 LT BLUE (PB, JB)

Vortex Ramp - Bare 03-8029 LT BLUE (PB, JB)
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    Vortex Ramp LIGHT BLUE - BARE (no flap, no decal) - 03-8029 Original WMS tooling, stronger material, OEM supplier. RED was original for Pinbot, BLACK was original for Jackbot, and LIGHT BLUE is a new custom color that would work on either Pinbot or Jackbot. Full Ramp Assemblue includes ramp decals 31-1402-9, 31-1402-8, 31-1402-7, 31-1402-6 (Vortex Decals), 01-8364 Ramp Flap (Available in original Blue Steel as well as Stainless Steel). Note that the complete PINBOT ramp assembly (decals, flap) is B-11152, and the JACKBOT ramp assembly is A-20080. We will be offering these as well.