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White Insert Body 03-9419-5006R (MB Remake)
Code: PPS-03-9419-5006
Price: $39.95
In Stock
Attack From Mars PowerTranslite™ - ORIG
Price: $275.00
In Stock
Backbox animation plastics - Diner 571-5A-SP, 471-4A-SP (Set/2)
Code: PPS-31-1008-571-BB
Price: $25.00
In Stock
Diner Backbox People Set/6 31-1578-571
Code: PPS-31-1578-571
Price: $21.95
In Stock
Brian Allen Attack From Mars - Artwork Translite
Price: $129.00
In Stock
Hurricane Center Backbox Spinning Decal
Code: GS-HUR2
Price: $49.00
Large spinning Hurricane Decal about 18 Inches across, for the backbox spinning motor
Playboy Translite - Stern
Code: GS-PBOY515-7252-76
Price: $69.95
Stern Playboy Translite - NOS
Simpsons Pinball Party Translite - Stern
Code: GS-TSPP830-5277-00
Price: $80.00
Stern The Simpsons Pinball Party Translite - NOS
Taxi Lola Translite 31-1357-553
Code: GS-TAXI31-1357-553
Price: $109.00
In Stock
Hurricane Translite 31-1357-50012
Code: GS-HUR31-1357-50012
Price: $129.00
In Stock
Ripleys Believe It or Not Translite 830-5281-00
Code: GS-RBION830-5281-00
Price: $80.00
In Stock
Wipeout (Premier/Gottlieb) NOS Translite
Code: GS-WO-TL
Price: $29.95
In Stock