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Possible Delays due to COVID-19 OUTBREAK


Please note we remain operational taking orders and shipping with additional requirements per our local government

IMPORTANT... We may experience delays due to shipping situations, but will do our best to get orders out as we can.

Our customer service HELPDESK. remains available for any questions.

Logging In for 2020:

    Bay Area Amusements and Planetary Pinball Retail have been combined and where possible the Bay Area Login information has been moved to the updated store with the following caveats:

  • Where you have BOTH Planetary Pinball Retail -AND- Bay Area Amusements logins which are the SAME user name – the Planetary login information will be retained and the Bay Area Amusements login will not.
  • If you have trouble logging in, please let us know but it is not required to have a login account to be able to make a purchase. We will look into but also to expedite you can create a new user name as well.
  • Please verify that your account information is correct – note that many times customers change addresses or other contact info like phone or email and this can create order issues – so please verify that all is correct.