Planetary Pinball Supply's mission is to accelerate new parts into the market to help the pinball hobby. We are proud to showcase these talented artists who we have onboard to work with us on supply of new artwork related products into the market. We will update this page with additional artists, as well as highlight their contributions.

Big Guys LLC - PPS Big Guys Pinball LLC

Big Guys Pinball LLC was created by guys who love pinball.  More importantly, by guys who love the Pinball 2000 system. Together they formed Big Guys Pinball LLC and have recently revealed their first product; the NUCORE system. The NUCORE systems original intent was to precisely emulate the computer in the Pinball 2000 platform. After achieving this goal the team began to realize the huge potential it had in expanding on the original functionality instead of just serving as a simple and inexpensive replacement. NUCORE breathes new life into an already legendary pinball platform.


Chuck's Background:

Chuck began playing pinball from a young age, making trips to his local arcade to play Twilight Zone, Funhouse and other favourites. Five years ago he had the opportunity to purchase his first game and like many collectors, his first game was the one he remembered playing in his youth - a Twilight Zone. He too became a collector and a restorer with a basement full of games and regular projects on the go. He told us, "Pinball machines are like Lay's potato chips, you can't have just one. I have around twenty pinball machines and video games in my basement at any given time. I really love restoring machines. I usually pick a project every winter and do a ground-up restoration." Currently Chuck is an owner/co-owner of four software companies and spends most of his time developing games for the iOS platforms (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Don's Background:

Don says he wanted a pinball machine from the age of 12 but his father didn't and Don couldn't afford one by himself. He enjoyed taking electronic appliances apart to fix them but his thirst to work on a pinball remained unquenched until just over four years ago when a he acquired an EM game, followed soon after by a Roadshow and Terminator 2 which he got with Chuck's help. Those games helped him hone his restoration skills and build his collection. Currently Don is an Embedded Engineer for Delphi working on devices most people will use in their cars daily