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Your Pinball Machine: Repair, Maintain Guide
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Pinball Wizards Book: Dirty Donnie Gillies
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Pinball Machine Care and Maintenance Manual (2nd EDITION)
Code: LT-2
Price: $34.80
Pinball Machine Care And Maintenance by Bernard Bear Kamoroff, 8th Printing - over 100 large page format document with information on: History of Pinball, Buying a Pinball, Setting up the Machine, Things to Know, Components and Features, Basic Repairs, F
The Pinball Compendium 1930's-1960's
Code: LT-3
Price: $59.00
Pinball! From its inception in the 1930s, this unique form of entertainment has challenged and inspired millions of enthusiastic players and become the passion of countless collectors around the world. Illustrated with over 600 color photos and 239 pages
Pinball Memories - Forty Years of Fun 1958-1998 - Marco Rossignoli
Code: LT-4
Price: $71.00
Pinball games have long been regarded as the twentieth century's ultimate coin operated amusement, touching the lives of generations of players in numerous cultures. This visual chronicle hardback book in 272 pages, with examples from the game's beginnin
The Complete Pinball Book 320 pages! - Marco Rossignoli - Revised 2nd Edition
Code: LT-5
Price: $71.00
This fantastic 320 page hardback book tells the detailed history of pinball games from the 1930s to the 1990s, including the evolution of all sorts of game features--from flippers and bumpers to sound, scoring, and tilt mechanisms--all immersed in the co
Mr. Pinball 2005 Price Guide
Code: LT-1
Price: $13.20
Mr. Pinball 2005 Price Guide! Filled with 2000+ prices for pinball games, as well as details about features, and production figures for each game! Includes FLIPPER, BINGO, and BASEBALL (PITCH AND BAT) games as well.
Pinball Compendium 1970-1981 - Michael Shalhoub
Code: LT-6
Price: $71.00
240 Pages, 800 Color and 30 B/W Photos. Exciting and challenging, pinball games have been enthusiastically played since their inception in the 1930s and are treasured by countless collectors worldwide. This lavishly illustrated book chronicles pinball ga
Arcade Treasures - Bill Kurtz
Code: LT-7
Price: $47.00
176 Pages, 447 Photos. Today, a sense of nostalgia and the irresistible urge to play have combined to make arcade memorabilia and antique arcade games one of the hottest collectible fields of our time. This book is filled with 447 color photos of the gre
Pinball Snapshots Air Aces To Xenon - Marco Rossignoli
Code: LT-8
Price: $71.00
272 Pages, 505 Color Photos. Timeless in their appeal, pinball games have entertained and tested the skills of players worldwide for many generations. Pinballs combine the unpredictability of a rolling, bouncing silver ball with some of the most amazing
Bally's Bingo Pinball Machines
Code: LT-9
Price: $47.00
160 Pages, 290+ Color Photos. The pinball book you have been waiting for is finally here! From those fabulous '50s & '60s, Jeffrey Lawton, Bingo Pinball Historian, presents 290+ photos, including original promotional brochures and advertisements, that sh
Pinball Machines - Revised 3rd Edition
Code: LT-10
Price: $42.00
168 Pages, 230 Photos. Now with current prices, this book shows the big, flashy machines that have entertained and delighted us in taverns, arcades, and at home for half a century. Devoted fans are all around the world, and nearly everyone has a special