Cirqus Voltaire

Step right up and Join the Cirqus !

[Backglass] Cirqus Voltaire captures the magic and mystery of the circus, high-voltage excitement sure to captivate and delight players of all skill levels from eight to eighty.

Electrifying performances by acrobats and jugglers, highwire artists and delightful trained animals are just part of an afternoon in this magical world.

Have some popcorn, see the BallyHoo sideshows and discover the thrills, splendor and excitement of the circus as the Ringmaster challanges you to see all the Cirqus Marvels.

[Ringmaster] Fire the cannon, juggle multiball modes, and battle the crazed ringmaster as he pops up from the playfield to capture your ball. Stand in the center ring as dazzling lights, sounds and non-stop action charge the playfield with excitement. [Boom!]

Light up the Cirqus, Unmask Voltaire and then Join the Cirqus, a sensational multi-level wizard mode with the most spectacular grand finale ever seen !

Neon lights, brilliant colors and an interactive backglass draw players to the game and the innovative gameplay and spectacular graphics capture them in a mystical circus atmosphere. With a wide open playfield, easy to understand rules for beginners, a large number of play modes and challenging multiballs for pinball magicians, Cirqus Voltaire has something for everyone.

The Greatest Pinball on Earth

 Industry first !  For the first time ever, Cirqus Voltaire brings the Dot-Matrix display to the playfield. Gameplay and animation are integrated as never before.

The disappearing pop bumper returns, as the BOOM! balloon. Rising from beneath the playfield, players pump it up then blast it to earn big points and an extra ball.

As always, incredible sound and music from the industry-leading DCS Sound System [DCS logo].
(Unless your sound card got shot out of a cannon, listen to some of the sounds of the Cirqus right now).

To learn more about this exciting and innovative game, peek under the big top to explore the playfield or go behind the scenes to learn about the history of Cirqus Voltaire.

No clowning around

Proven Williams design and engineering assures smooth game play, allows for easy maintainence and provides features that will have players returning again and again to play Cirqus Voltaire - the greatest pinball on earth !

Cirqus performers

The designing young man on the flying trapeze: John Popadiuk
Programming magic: Cameron Silver
Artistic Acrobatics: Linda Deal
Mechanical Magician: Jack Skalon
Musical Roustabouts: Rob Berry, Dave Zabriskie
Amazing Dot Jugglers: Adam Rhine, Brian Morris

Game Flyer

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Technical Support

View technical support information for Cirqus Voltaire and a note from the design team.


Height: 90"220 cm
Height (backbox folded): 53"133 cm
Width: 29.5"75 cm
Depth: 52"133 cm
Weight (uncrated): 300 lbs136 kg

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