The performers

The Ringleader: John Popadiuk
Software Magician: Cameron Silver
Artistic Acrobatics: Linda Deal
Mechanical Magician: Jack Skalon
Musical Roustabouts: Rob Berry, Dave Zabriskie
Amazing Dot Jugglers: Adam Rhine, Brian Morris
Production support: Everyone at Williams Electronics

Linda Deal

Rob Berry

John Papadiuk

Jim Shird, Jack Skalon

Jim Shird, Cameron Silver, John Popadiuk
Building Whitewood #2 (December 1996)

Web Wonders

This talented bunch of clowns are responsible for the Cirqus Voltaire web show. (Some hold the net for performers inside the Bally ring (the inter net) while others others wonder if a responsible clown is an oxymoron ...)

Webshow Willy: Jim Hicks
Ballyhoo Boss: Cameron Silver
Sideshow Sidekicks: Duncan Brown, Louis Koziarz, Ted Estes
Lost in the Funhouse: Rudy
The littlest clown: Jennifer Elizabeth

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