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The Williams Archives

WillyWorld: Uncle Willy

The Pinball Factory Manufacturers of Bally label pinball machines, presents Uncle Willy.

"Ask Uncle Willy" is a feature posted to our forum where a crack staff of researchers and scientists answer your questions about Williams/Bally pinball machines and related issues.

Questions sent to Uncle Willy should be of a general-interest nature. Uncle Willy is sorry that he does not have the time or resources to provide individual answers to all the questions posed to him.

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The Lost Temple of DOHO

Dot-Matrix Animations That Never Were

The Lost Temple of DOHO, is a place where unwanted dot matrix display animations go to be seen in their somewhat full glory. These are animations which, for one reason or another, never made it into games. Hopefully by showing these relics of the past, a visitor to the temple will be not only entertained, but will gain a small glimpse into the design process of a pinball machine. Granted, you won't see any of our secret playfield testing software, but maybe you'll come to learn why things were done the way they were.

The Making of Scared Stiff

Unused artwork and animations

Before Scared Stiff was finally laid to rest, the development team took a walk back through their piles of sketches, models, animation files, and other scary material to give you a look at what doesn't always make it into a pinball machine.

Uncle Willy's Gallery

Prototype information and images

What with all his years in the business Uncle Willy has been able to build up quite a collection of artwork of various kinds. Here is some of his collection, displayed for the interest of the public at large .

Secondary Market Game Resources

Additional contacts for that hard to find part

Your first stop for new games sales and service/parts for recent games is your local distributor. Also, many distributors often have a selection of used games that have been taken in on trade toward new games.  

Otherwise, you should check out this list of vendors. These vendors cater to the secondary game market and have asked to be listed on this page.