Technical Support: Cirqus Voltaire

Service Bulletins:

12/97 SB 101 Disappearing jet bumper assembly not releasing.
12/97 SB 102 Installation instructions for Upgrade Kit #A-22270.

ROM Information:

The current ROM version is 1.4.
Click on the ROM image name to download a copy of the ROMs.
Revision history  Revision 1.4 game ROM.  Revision 1.0 sound ROMs - [S2].

Problem Reports:

If you have questions, comments, or problem reports regarding "Cirqus Voltaire" use the address below to E-mail directly to the design team:

Remember: If you clean them, they will earn!

A note from the Cirqus Voltaire design team:
This game has been designed and built with maintenance in mind. All the devices are easy to get to, the playfield is easy to clean, and the software does all it can to detect faults and problems. Games that are clean and working WILL EARN MORE than dirty, broken games with no lights. It doesn't take long to clean the playfield and change bulbs if it is done weekly or every two weeks (according to how much play the machine gets). Check the Test Report (displayed as soon as the coin door is opened) and fix any problems that the game has detected. Pinball is a game of FUN, and people have the most fun on bright happy games that work !

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