Fathom Backglass G-440-17 (New for 2018)

Fathom Backglass G-440-17 (New for 2018)
    Code: PPS-G-440-17V2
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    Shipping Weight: 16.00 pounds
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    PLEASE NOTE: backglass needs to go into a special box and no other parts over 2.5 inches wide can be ordered with glass, you must order other parts in a separate order. No heavy items as well, such as metal parts...only very small flat items can go with glass, trim is ok to order with glass. If in doubt use our helpdesk to ask. Stunning replacement for Fathom backglass - outstanding color matching as well as correct silvering, etc. This is an updated artwork package we are calling a Version 2 of the glass which was previously done years ago. Dimensions for this glass are 28.5 x 25.5 x 1/8. Uses trim 01-4162-7 (Metal Lift), 03-7578-2 (Top Trim), and 2x of 03-7578-1 (Side Trim)

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