PinSound Plus Sound Board (WPC, WPC95, System 11C, DE R3)

PinSound Plus Sound Board (WPC, WPC95, System 11C, DE R3)
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***please note if you're buying for a STERN/SEGA you must also buy the adapter (sold separate- part number on our site PPS-PSND-WHTSTAR-STERN) please read below about other accessories you will need when buying for a WPC95, both will also need the flash drive as well sold separate (part # PPS-PSND-FLSHDRV) ***

PinSound is a new sound board for pinball machines

  • > Upgrade from mono to 2.1 (stereo+subwoofer) high quality power amplifier
  • > Full cabinet and back-box tone control (treble, bass, loudness...)
  • > Change from original sound package to HQ reorchestrated sounds on the fly during a game
  • > Headphone / line-out connector
  • > Plays any sound from USB flash drive
  • > Made in France

PinSound Accessories - Planetary Pinball also has the PinSound accessories:

  • > PinSound WPC-95 Adapter (required for WPC-95 games) CLICK HERE
  • > PinSound Switched Headphone Cabinet Kit CLICK HERE
  • > PinSound Stereo 2.1 Harness for Williams/Bally games CLICK HERE


NOTE: Updated, Reorchestrated, and variations of the sound files can be found at


PinSound Board features:

  • > Compatibility - WPC-89 WPC-DCS WPC-95, System-11C, Data East V3
  • > USB Flash Drive - load updated sounds or custom sounds
  • > External Outputs - headphone 3.5mm and line-out
  • > Power Supply - 12/18V-AC, plug'n'play
  • > Original Outputs - original connnectors, optional stereo 2.1
  • > Amplifiers - class D, right/left+sub, 2x20W+1x30W power
  • > Equalizer - balance, bass/treble, fader, bass boost


*** NOTE: for those using Pinsound in your WPC-95 Game (Attack From Mars, Cactus Canyon, Cirqus Voltaire, Congo, Junk Yard, Medieval Madness (NOT MMR), Monster Bash, NBA Fastbreak, No Good Gofers, Safe Cracker, Scared Stiff, Tales of the Arabian Nights, The Champion Pub) YOU MUST IN ADDITION order the WPC-95 PinSound adapeter Kit (PPS-PSND-ADAPTWPC95)!!!!!!


Compatible with the following games:

  • > WPC (pre-DCS) Sound Board: A-12758 (check supported games below)
  • > WPC DCS Sound Board: A-16917 (check supported games below)
  • > WPC-95 AV Board A-20516 you must keep your original working AV board (check supported games below)
  • > System 11C Sound Board D-11518 (check supported games below)
  • > Data East Rev3 Board 520-5050-0X / 520-5077-00 / 520-5126-02


WPC WPC DCS WPC95 System 11C Data East / Sega
Black Rose Corvette Attack from Mars Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball Adventures Rocky & Bullwinkle
Creature from the Black Lagoon Demolition Man Cactus Canyon Diner Batman
Doctor Who Dirty Harry Cirqus Voltaire Dr. Dude Batman Forever
Dracula Indiana Jones Congo Riverboat Gambler Baywatch
Fish Tales Indianapolis 500 Junk Yard Pool Sharks Guns N' Roses
Funhouse Jack*Bot Medieval Madness (not MMR) Radical! Hook
Getaway Johnny Mnemonic Monster Bash Rollergames Jurassic Park
Gilligan's Island Judge Dredd NBA Fastbreak   Last Action Hero
Harley-Davidson No Fear No Good Gofers   Lethal Weapon 3
Hurricane Roadshow Safe Cracker   Maverick
Party Zone Star Trek NG Scared Stiff   Mary Shelly's Franenstein
Terminator 2 The Flintstones Tales of the Arabian Nights   Star Trek
The Addams Family The Shadow The Champion Pub   Star Wars
The Machine: Bride of Pinbot Theatre Of Magic     Tales from the Crypt
Twilight Zone Popeye     The Who's Tommy
White Water Who Dunnit     WWF Royal Rumble
  World Cup Soccer      

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