Pinbot Coil wrapper kit 29 Piece Kit - Adhesive backed colored masking tape

Pinbot Coil wrapper kit 29 Piece Kit - Adhesive backed colored masking tape
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    Coil Label Wrapper Set for Pinbot includes 29 correct adhesive backed and colored masking type labels to install on the coils of the game. The list for this game:

    Coil Name (Qty) Color WMS Part#

    -04 (1) RED (WMS# 16-8944-04)
    -03 (9) RED (WMS# 16-8944-03)
    -02 (2) RED (WMS# 16-8944-02)
    -01 (1) RED (WMS# 16-8944-01)
    AE-23-800 (12) YELLOW (WMS# 16-8943-1)
    AE-24-900 (1) RED (WMS# 16-8943-4)
    FL 23/600-30/2600 50V (2) BLUE (WMS# 16-8799-6)
    SM-26-600-DC (1) RED (WMS# 16-8797-7)

    Also includes any -XX wrappers (red or white which indicate variation for certain coils) where appropriate (AE, AL, AR coils, etc).

    Coil tape is extra long so you can cut as desired to start end on logo or name as well as to maximize or minimize overlap.

    NOTE: We can make substitutions if necessary on a 1 for 1 basis if you happen to use a different coil, etc - you will need to let us know at time of order (email, contact/helpdesk). Individual coil are available as well. Please let us know if you feel that any game coil lists are not correct and we will look into.

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