Kiss (Bally)

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Kiss Backglass Mirror GT-408-41 (Orig US Style)
Code: PPS-GT-408-41-ORIG
Price: $269.00
Kiss Pinball Rubber Ring Kit
Code: RK-33
Price: $12.50
Bally/Stern MPU AS-2518-35 (Dash-35) Replacement Board (Click NOTES)
Code: PC-AS-2518-35
Price: $189.00
Out of Stock
Ultimate Solenoid Driver Board - Bally/Stern 70's/80's
Code: PC-AS-2518-SDB
Price: $169.00
Out of Stock
KISS ROM Service - 2 Roms (U2/U6)
Price: $20.00
In Stock
Ultimate Lamp Driver Board (repl AS-2518-14/AS-2518-23/LDB-100)
Code: PC-AS-2518R
Price: $99.00
Out of Stock
Bally/Stern Power Rectifier Board (repl AS2518-18 & AS2518-49)
Code: PC-BPS018-R
Price: $55.00
Out of Stock