The Getaway: High Speed II (Williams/Bally/Midway WPC)

Price: $224.95
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Stationary Target (Round w/Rivet) - Red, Front Bracket
Code: TG-14691-4
Price: $7.50
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Getaway Pinball Rubber Ring Kit
Code: RK-56
Price: $19.50
Getaway Supercharger Decal (Repro)
Code: DC-25
Price: $9.00
In Stock
Armature Assembly A-11139
Code: CR-A11139
Price: $5.95
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Flipper Button Red - No Spring Assy B-12273-4
Code: BU-B-12273-4
Price: $1.75
In Stock
Light Bulb #1156 (Box of 10) 24-8826
Code: LB-1156
Price: $2.25
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Getaway High Speed 2 Promo Coaster Plastic NOS
Code: GS-HS2-PRC
Price: $3.50
In Stock
Ball Trap Bracket 01-10903 Getaway HS2
Code: GS-HS2-01-10903
Price: $7.00
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WPC/WPC95 Microprocessor 5400-10320-00 MC68B09EP
Code: IC-68B09EP
Price: $16.00
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Coinage Orange Lexan decal Set 31-1524 (set/3)
Code: DC-31-1524
Price: $6.00
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Carriage bolt 4322-01123-20B 3/8-16 x 1 1/4
Code: SC-4322-01123-20B
Price: $0.60
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