Eyeball Clear - Green Pupil A-19257-2 RED Roadshow

Eyeball Clear - Green Pupil A-19257-2 RED Roadshow
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    Custom Translucent Blue Pupil Eyeball Assembly as used on Roadshow (TED), as well as is a superceded part for Funhouse RUDY 03-8468. This is original WMS Mold for the eyeball, decorated with the blue and black pupil, as well as has a grommet installed for better wear. This is A-19257-1 assembly with the 03-9284-1 Eyeball (which is same as original 03-8468 for Funhouse but has the grommet for the eye link for better wear). With this eyeball, you can illuminate inside the head (RUDY, RED, or TED) and the eyes will light up!

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