Mandible/Jaw 31-2016-1 RUDY Funhouse Oval Lips (See NOTE)

Mandible/Jaw 31-2016-1 RUDY Funhouse Oval Lips (See NOTE)
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    RUDY/Funhouse OVAL LIP Color:
    CUSTOM Mandible/Jaw 31-2016-1 for the RUDY Jaw on Funhouse using original WMS tooling for an injection moulded part. This part is the correct plastic color per WMS specifications for RUDY on Funouse, but this CUSTOM version has the OVAL lips as similar to RED on Roadshow. The original CURVY Lips is our part # 31-1161. Additionally, this part can be purchased with our without decoration on the LIPS. When decorated, there is also a choice of color - but we recommend the ORANGISH RED Color as this was to our best information found on most RED figures on Roadshow. Note that color variations from the original factory part, as well as fading over the years can create a different need. If that is the case then you can choose a different color/shade -or- you can purchase the part without any decoration on the lips and paint the part yourself. The different decoration options and recommendations are: 1) ORANGISH (Ted / Roadshow), 2) LIGHT RED (Red / Roadshow), 3) ORANGISH RED (Rudy / Funhouse), RED (Rudy / Funhouse), NO DECORATION (Paint yourself)