Hurricane Ferris Wheel Decal Set (Set/8) 31-2-50012-3

Hurricane Ferris Wheel Decal Set (Set/8) 31-2-50012-3
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    Hurricane Ferris Wheel Decal set - 31-2-50012-3 - 2 sets of 4 decals (8 decals total) for placement on both Red and Blue Wheels of Hurricane. These decals are unique to Hurricane and one set of 4 have a romantic progression for an old couple, and the other set is of a young couple. Includes placement instructions. 31-2-50012-3A, 31-2-50012-3B, 31-2-50012-3C, 31-2-50012-3D, 31-2-50012-3E, 31-2-50012-3F, 31-2-50012-3G, and 31-2-50012-3H.

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