Playfield Plastic Sets

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Stern Terminator 3 Complete Playfield Plastic Set 803-5000-79
Code: GS-T3-803-5000-79
Price: $145.00
Stern Terminator 3 Arnold Shwarzenegger complete playfield plastic set, includes screened and clear plastics 803-5000-79
Butyrate Playfield Plastic Set Striker Xtreme
Code: GS-STX830-5972
Price: $59.00
Out of Stock
Playfield Plastic Set - Capcom Pinball Magic AW00123
Code: GS-PM-AW00123
Price: $195.00
Out of Stock
High Roller Casino Playfield Plastic Set 830-5973-XX
Code: GS-HRC830-5973-XX
Price: $79.00
In Stock
Playfield Plastic Set - World Poker Tour 803-5000-88 Stern
Code: GS-WPT803-5000-88
Price: $70.00
Out of Stock
Flight 2000 Playfield Plastic Set
Code: GS-F2K22
Price: $165.00
In Stock
Backbox Plastic Set - Circus Voltaire (set of 10)
Code: GS-CV345CP
Price: $50.00
In Stock
Playfield Screened/Clear Plastic Set - Family Guy 803-5000-93
Code: GS-FGY803-5000-93
Price: $189.00
In Stock
Bally Lost World Playfield Plastic Set (Silkscreened)
Price: $105.00
Out of Stock
Pinbot Superset Playfield plastic Set 31-1006-549
Code: GS-PB31-1006-549
Price: $155.00
Out of Stock