Cliffy Protectors

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Cyclone Comet Ramp Protector Kit (4 Pieces)
Code: RP-CY
Price: $40.00
Comet Ramp Protector Kit - includes 2 ramp protectors which protect the entrance to the ramp. If the entrace is destroyed, these will act in the place of the ramp entry. Also in the kit is a top piece and a bottom piece for the Comet ramp where the ball
Bram Stokers Dracula Rats Hole Protector  CLIFFY'S
Code: RP-BSD
Price: $26.00
In Stock
Junk Yard Sewer Hole Hyperthin Protector  CLIFFY'S
Code: RP-JY2
Price: $20.00
In Stock
Snack Bar Hyperthin Hole Protector - CFTBL  CLIFFY'S
Price: $25.00
In Stock
Roadshow Hyperthin Start City Hole Protector CLIFFY'S
Code: GS-RS4
Price: $25.00
Out of Stock
Indiana Jones Ramp Protectors  (Set/2) CLIFFY'S
Code: RP-IJ2
Price: $33.00
In Stock
Bugs Bunny Birthday Bash Ramp Protector (pair) CLIFFY'S
Code: RP-BBBB1
Price: $55.00
In Stock
Frankenstein Sarcophagus Hole Protector CLIFFY'S
Code: GS-MSF2
Price: $35.00
In Stock
Rocky & Bullwinkle ramp protectors (set/4) CLIFFY'S
Code: RP-RB2
Price: $63.00
In Stock