Cirqus Voltaire (Williams/Bally/Midway WPC-95)

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Spinner Target A-19308 (CV,NGG,RS,TOM,WD,MB,MB Remake)
Code: PPS-A-19308
Price: $23.50 $19.95
In Stock
Lower Arch Mounting Bracket 01-12624
Code: PPS-01-12624
Price: $3.85 $3.50
In Stock
Price: $226.95
In Stock
Cirqus Voltaire Pinball Rubber Ring Kit
Code: RK-3
Price: $14.50
Ball Popper Bracket (WMS 04-10930.1)
Code: BK-10930-1
Price: $25.00
Out of Stock
Plunger Armature - Cirqus Voltaire 04-10733
Code: CR-10733
Price: $19.00
Armature Plunger Assembly 04-10733 for Cirqus Voltaire 04-10733
Williams Coil 20-10197 w/Conn
Code: WC-20-10197C
Price: $25.00
Williams Coil 20-10197 w/Conn - as used on Theatre of Magic Trunk, Champion Pub, Cirqus Voltaire, No Fear, Star Wars Episode 1, Tales Of the Arabian Nights.
Cap Screw Button 4-40 x 1/4 Inch 4004-01073-04B
Code: MX-01073-04B
Price: $0.90
Cap Screw Button 4-40 x 1/4 Inch Button - as used on Champion Pub, Cirqus Voltaire, Johnny Mnemonic, Monster Bash, NBA Fastbreak, Revenge From Mars 4004-01073-04B