Game ROM Revisions

Bally: Cirqus Voltaire


        Version 1.4
	Date: October 14, 1998

G11:	Checksum: 2D14
Changes from Version 1.3:

	Fixed a bug that could cause the machine to reset after the 200th
	  Menagerie award.
	Updated system to fix a bug that could cause extra balls to
	  be served if the plunger lane switch is broken.
	The Ringmaster award lights would sometimes be left blinking after
	  playing Ringmaster Battle.

        Version 1.3
	Date: April 17, 1998

G11:	Checksum: DB13

Changes from Version 1.1:

        Tilt now ends the side-show.
        If the Ringmaster Magnet fails to catch the ball, the short ball-
          saver is started as soon as the miss is detected. (Only if the
          adjustment is set).
        Added adjustment (A.2 33) to lower the scoring during the
          Ringmaster Battle mode. Setting the game in Tournament mode causes
          reduced scoring as well.
        Added adjustment (A.2 34) to set how locked balls are kicked out
          after a game.
                NEVER - Balls never kick out.
                INSTANT - Balls kickout after MATCH. (German/French default)
                DELAYED - Balls kickout 1 minute after MATCH. (Default)
        Ringmaster Battle now correctly handles tilt.
        BOOM marvel is NOT spotted if BOOM is already running.
        If Juggler and Neon multiballs start together, the Juggler marvel
          is now correctly awarded.
        Added Improved ball search and missing ball compensation.

        Version 1.1
        Date: November 19, 1997

G11:    Checksum: 7211

Changes from Version 1.0:

	When the game is set for Tournament mode, the same judges will
		always be selected.
	Lamp effect when Join the Cirqus is ready does not dim the GI as much.
	Added a TOTAL screen at the end of Cannon Ball Run.
	Cannon Ball Run no longer gives Jackpots from the Cirqus Luck switch
		during Tournament mode.
	Software for raising the Jet Bumper has been modified to put less
		stress on the Solenoid fuse (F103).
	Added User Test for the ramp lockup. It is possible to release 1 or
		all balls, and watch the switches.
	Improved choreography when the Ringmaster Magnet does not catch
		the ball.
	Fixed a bug where tilting during Side-Show would not kick the ball
		out of the popper.
	Fixed a bug that could rarely cause players scores in a multiplayer
		game to dissapear.