Williams/Bally Technical Support

System 7 ROM Information and Upgrades

ROM revisions for select games are maintained on-line and can be downloaded. See EPROM Programming Information on how to use Pinball Software downloads to burn new ROMs for your game. Click on history for ROM revision history. Click on the ROM image name to download a copy of the ROMs for a specific game.

Pinball Software Version Information

System 7 games have the software revision identified with an "L" to signify the Level of software release. To see what version your game is running, set your test switch to AUTO/UP and press ADVANCE while in Game Over mode. You will see "2GGG" in the player 1 display, where GGG is the game number. The player 2 display will show the number of the installed game revision.

Flipper and Sound/Speech ROMs

All System 7 games, except for #509 (Hyperball), #517 (Defender), and #530 (Starlight) use the BLUE flipper ROMs in positions IC17 and IC20. These are common between all games. Every game software file here includes images of these ROMs.

All Sound and Speech ROMs for the System 7 games are included with the game ROM file. Not all games use all chips, and the chip size varies per game.

Click Here for a list of System 7 Checksums

     barra_l1.zip Revision L-1 game ROM.

Black Knight
     black_l4.zip Revision L-4 game ROM.

Cosmic Gunfight
     csmic_l1.zip Revision L-1 game ROM.

     dfndr_l4.zip Revision L-4 game ROM.

Firepower II
     fpwr2_l2.zip Revision L-2 game ROM.

     hypbl_l4.zip Revision L-4 game ROM.

     joust_l2.zip Revision L-2 game ROM.

Jungle Lord
     jngld_l2.zip Revision L-2 game ROM.

Laser Cue
     lsrcu_l2.zip Revision L-2 game ROM.

     pharo_l2.zip Revision L-2 game ROM.

Solar Fire
     solar_l2.zip Revision L-2 game ROM.

Time Fantasy
     tmfnt_l5.zip Revision L-5 game ROM.

     vrkon_l1.zip Revision L-1 game ROM.

     wrlok_l3.zip Revision L-3 game ROM.