Williams/Bally Technical Support

EPROM Programming Information

The latest software for select Williams/Bally pinball games is available for download. In order to update the software in your pinball machine you will have to first download the software to your computer. The file you receive is a compressed PKZIP archive. You will have to uncompress the file with a utility such as PKUNZIP. All files here have been compressed with version 2.04g.

After this, you will have to program the software update onto an EPROM for installation into your pinball game. You will have to obtain a blank EPROM of the correct size in order to do this. You will also need an EPROM programmer, and possibly an EPROM eraser to enable you to reuse your old EPROMS.

All Williams ROM images are provided in a raw binary format.

Here are some sites to visit for information about EPROMs, EPROM programmers, and EPROM erasers:

Dataman Programmers
Needham's Electronics