Williams/Bally Technical Support

Service Bulletins by Release Date

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12/99 new  SB 107: Champion Pub
Arms breaking prematurely.
04/98 SB 104: Cirqus Voltaire
Adjustment Sheet Update
12/97 SB 102: Cirqus Voltaire
Installation instructions for Upgrade Kit #A-22270.
12/97 SB 101: Cirqus Voltaire
Disappearing Jet Bumper assembly not releasing.
5/97 SB 99: NBA Fastbreak
Ball trap fix.
5/97 SB 98: Scared Stiff
Left Ramp repair kit for fixing broken ramps.
1/97 SB 94: WPC-95 Power Driver Board
General Illumination Circuit problems.
12/96 SB 93: Scared Stiff
Solving mechanism problems.
11/96 SB 92: Junkyard
Wrecking ball wire cable replacement.
7/96 SB 91: Tales of the Arabian Nights
Improper wire dressing on the vanishing magnet assembly.
6/96 MA 1: Safe Cracker
Manual amendment for Operations Manual.
5/96 SB 90: Safe Cracker
Intermittent dispensing of tokens on games manufactured between 5/2/96 and 5/20/96.
3/96 SB 87: Johnny Mnemonic
Hand magnet causing fuse to blow intermittently.
1/96 SB 86: Congo/Jack*Bot
Premature loss of battery voltage on the WPC-95 CPU Board.
12/95 MA 2: Johnny Mnemonic
Fuses 104 and/or 105 blowing
11/95 SB 85: Johnny Mnemonic
Manual ammendment for Operations Manual.
10/95 MA 1: Johnny Mnemonic
Updating game with production modifications.
6/95 SB 82: Theatre of Magic
Ball hang-up near right side of trunk.
6/95 SB 81: The Shadow
4/95 SB 79: Screamin' Slopes
Ticket dispenser lubrication.
6/93 SB 52: All Pinball Games
Position of coin door wire harness clamp.
3/93 SB 51: Creature from the Black Lagoon/Whitewater
Coil bracket breaking (part #01-11273)
3/93 SB 50: Whitewater
Intermittent or weak action from ball popper assembly A-15769.
3/93 SB 49: Creature from the Black Lagoon
Sample game miswiring on solenoid 23 (UP ramp coil) and manual wiring corrections.
12/91 SB 37: Hurricane
Ferris wheel drive belt.
12/91 SB 35: Funhouse
Funhouse ramp kit
12/91 SB 34: All WPC Pinball Machines
Possibility of the flipper enable relay not pulling in.
9/19 SB 33: Terminator 2
Possible ball hang-up behind skull.
9/91 SB 32: Terminator 2
Terminator 2 gun handle modification.
8/91 SB 31: All Games
Plastic parts on playfields.