Medieval Madness

Behold the Renaissance of Pinball

M edieval Madness is a whimsical return to a world of knights and castles, fire-breathing dragons and damsels-in-distress, magical wizards and treacherous trolls, a dazzling adventure sure to captivate players of all ages and skill levels.

[Backglass] From the design team that brought you the chart-topping "Attack from Mars", the game features a wide open playfield with easy to understand rules for novices, a large number of play modes and challenging multiballs for wizards.

[Castle] Jump the moat, lower the drawbridge, and break through the gate to destroy castles in a blaze of glory as a spectacular sound and light show charges the playfield with excitement.

[Trolls] Rescue damsels-in-distress, launch seiges with a catapault, and defeat evil (but not too bright) trolls that pop up to distract players from completing their quest to defeat the King and all his men in an ultimate Battle for the Kingdom.

Industry first ! [DCS logo]
Medieval Madness brings to life the largest cast of characters ever in a pinball game using the DCS Sound System. Of course, there is quite a bit of mirth in this kingdom, so beware of lords and ladies doubled over in laughter while playing this game.

Unless the trolls have eaten your sound card, you can hear some of the totally medieval sounds right now.

(And don't forget to explore the playfield).

Pinball fit for a King !
Proven Williams design and engineering assures smooth game play, allows for easy maintainence and provides features that will have players returning again and again.

Medieval Madness will be your collection king for days and knights to come.

Knights of the Design Table

Duke of Design: Sir Brian Eddy
Lord of Software: Sir Lyman F. Sheats Jr.
Earls of Artwork: Sir Greg Freres, Sir John Youssi
Mechanical Wizard: Sir Robert Friesl
Royal Minstrel: Sir Dan Forden
Baron Von Dots: Sir Adam Rhine, Sir Brian Morris

Game Flyer

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Technical Support

[Merlin] View technical support information for Medieval Madness.


Height: 75"190 cm
Height (backbox folded): 55"139 cm
Width: 22"53 cm
Depth: 52"133 cm
Weight (uncrated): 355 lbs169 kg

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