Sound ROM Revisions

Bally: Safecracker

       English S2 Version 1.1
       Date: December 17, 1996
S2:    Checksum: D600

       German S2 Version 2.4
       Date: December 17, 1996
S2:    Checksum: 9D00

Changes from revision 1.0/2.3:

	This revision eliminates a 'buzzing' sound that is occasionally
	emitted from some games.  If you experience this problem, use
	this version to replace the S2 in your game.

	This version of S2 requires that S3,S4,and S5 be at least Version
	1.0.  The AV board diagnostics will indicate a bad S3, S4 or S5
	by bonging more than once at powerup

	(3 bongs = bad S3, 4 bongs = bad S4, 5 bongs = bad S5).