Pinball 2000 Technical Support

Star Wars Episode One - Revision History

Version 1.40 - July 31, 2000
(Changes from V1.30)

Updated to latest operating system.
Enhanced coin/bill handling and credit system.
Added tournament mode fix for exploiting ramp shots.

Version 1.30 - September 21, 1999
(Changes From V1.20)

Added power-cycle fix for games with Japanese dipswitch settings.

If you have already upgraded to version 1.20 and are not using Japanese dipswitch settings, this upgrade is not necessary.

Version 1.20 - September 16, 1999
(Changes From V1.00)

Added translations
Added optional ball saver (off by default)
Added G-U-N-G-A-N / J-A-R-J-A-R rule to bumpers/spinner.
Made locked balls kick out immediately at end of game.
Added HSTD tables to status report.
Added instructions to attract mode.
Added action buttons (up/down one line) to initials entry.
Tweaked various scoring, lamp, and display choreography problems.
Made ramp/spinner combos forgiving of ramp/switch errors.
Fixed bug in Replay Boost.
Fixed screen when a PC keyboard is connected.
Added adjustment to allow slam tilt to reset the game.
Fixed O/S bug which incorrectly calculated ROM checksums in some cases.