Pinball 2000 Technical Support

Revenge From Mars - Revision History


Version 1.50 - July 31, 2000
(Changes From 1.40)

Updated to latest operating system.
Enhanced coin/bill handling and credit system.

Version 1.40 - January 31, 2000
(Changes From V1.30)

Fixed a bug in Martian Bowling that sometimes caused the game to reset.
The Bonus Wave total page now always runs, even if the Jet Exit Post is disabled.
Fixed a bug in Martian Happy Hour which caused some of the martian animations not to appear.

Version 1.30 - November 24, 1999
(Changes From V1.20)

Added Martian Champion.
Added a jet bumper rule.
Added a ball saver (for the start of a new ball).
Added a victory lap rule. (Similar to Attack From Mars, started when
   Attack Mars has been won.
Added the ability to loop the ball under certain conditions.
   (Scenes where the shot does nothing, or if LOCK is lit let the ball loop around.)
   Adjustments are added to control this behavior. (Default: OFF)
Added an adjustment to let the ball loop through the loop shots during bonus wave sudden death.
   Adjustment "Bonus Wave Ending" has 2 settings:
   "Ramps+Loops" (original behavior) and ""Ramp Only" (new behavior)
More "Family Mode" logic added.
Added service credit switch debounce.
Fixed a bug at the start of Mother Ship that sometimes caused no balls to kick out
   at multiball start.

Version 1.20 - June 9, 1999
(Changes From V1.10)

Restored United Kingdom to country list (missing in version 1.1)
Fixed Canadian dollar coin bonus pricing.
Added display of game/serial number and generally reorganized
     the System Information screen.
Added timestamps for tilt and replay.
Added adjustments for awarding saucer lights for some
    number of martians killed.
Added attract mode sounds and adjustment.
Attract mode and game over display effects now take note of the
    'Insert Coins' adjustment and do not display that phrase if the
    adjustment is set to 'no'. This is for places which use swipecards.
Fixed a bug in the custom message display which showed garbage if
    a message line used the last available character on the line.
Modified the attract mode pricing display to show 2 lines per page,
    with intelligent skipping of empty lines. If a given page has only
    1 line to display, it is centered.

Version 1.10 - May 24, 1999
(Changes From V1.00)

Timing of flipper circuits changed to make the flippers run cooler.
Hourly bookkeeping data extended to cover 7 days.
Changes made to pricing modes for Norway, Netherlands and Holland.
Adjustment printout now shows replay information and dip switch settings.
Replay boost is now available when game is set to give credits for score awards.
Game Name and version displayed in "coin door open" messages.
Lamp effects added for Multiball Start and Multiball awards.
Autopsy now tosses out items in a fan-out fashion, starting with the center shot.
Switch compensation improved in various places.

Version 1.00 - May 5, 1999
(Changes from V0.90)

System changes made to eliminate lockups and resets. This version is extremely stable.
Hypno-Beam multiball awarded by Stroke of Luck
3 New modes for the "?" (5th round):

Martian Bowling
Martian Autopsy
Martian Tank

Attack Mars mode has been completed.
Pressing flippers now cancels certain effects.
Many difficulty adjustments implemented.
After a round is completed, the introduction of subsequent rounds will not run if the ball is in play (not captured by post on playfield).
Sound and Graphics added to Match.
Sound added to Enter Initials.
Logic for Flipper and Action button broken switch compensation improved.
Attract mode messages and Pricing messages have been implemented and may be entered from test mode using test buttons or a keyboard.
Score Award 2 may now be set to "credit"
Automatic percentaging implemented for replay score management.
"Empty Balls" test added.
When the power driver board is not detected, a message is displayed indicating that this board is not connected or F108 has a problem.
Audit totals are now maintained for each type of credit that may be awarded (HSTD, Score, Match and Special).
"Switch Trace" command added to shell to allow a real time switch trace during operation.
Solenoid test now properly flips the Flipper coils
Keyboard control of test system (including help map and "flip" feature) implemented.
Fuse values now shown in test report.
Hourly earnings chart now shows hourly earnings for the last 7 days.