The Board Game Safe Cracker

Enter the Bank to play on the Board Game. Chart your progress through the bank as the lamps light up while you travel clockwise around the board. Spin the wheel in the display to move around. Avoid flashing Guards.

Automated Teller Machine: land on these squares to collect money.
Grab Bag: Play the "Grab Bag" game for various awards.
Bribe a Guard: After landing on this space, you might have to bribe a Guard.
Cyber Dog: Landing on this spaces releases Cyber Dog, the automated watchdog who will chase you from the bank. Cyber Dog bark:
Alarms: These are the alarm spots. They can be disabled by the A-L-A-R-M targets.
Teller: Visit the teller, but don't expect her to always be happy to see you.
Run & Hide: Plays the "Run & Hide" game. Hit flippers to land on a new spot.
Big Money: Big money award.
Candy 2000: Land on this spot to access a computer terminal and enter secret codes.
Immediate Death: Click here for Java Zapping animation.
Gates: Guards sit at three of these, blocking your way. You must go to an unguarded gate to access the vault. Landing on a gate starts a "pick the correct door" game.

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