Champion Pub

Skill Shot

Depress and HOLD the launch button, release to collect the highlighted prize displayed on the dot matrix. Use strategy in collecting prizes to help you out during a game.


10 points

Smart Punch (Press the launch button during a fight to use. One smart punch is equivalent to a head punch)

M = Million points

! = Hurry Up

Door Prize (A random award feature)

5X Bonus Multiplier

2X Purse Multiplier


Extra Ball

The far left eject hole collects extra balls when lit. There are several ways to light extra ball:

Wining the second bout

Finishing the fourth hurry up

Door prize award

Video modes



Multi-Brawl Shoot three balls into the lock to start. All jackpots are lit until collected. All jackpots will relite after all have been collected.


Fisticuffs Multiball Hit the heavy bag to spell out Fisticuffs to start. Head shots are worth 100,000, and gut shots are worth 50,000.


Raid Win the third bout to start. In this mode the first target is worth 5,000 points and incrementing by 5,000. All targets score and the maximum value is 50,000 per target.


Poker Night

Poker night is a simple five card draw video poker game. The display will present five cards the player can keep or discard any cards. Flipper buttons move the selection box left or right. The launch button discards, and both flipper buttons depressed at the same time collects the prize. Prizes are awarded according to the nature of the hand.


Spitting Gallery

The spitting gallery is a whimsical video mode where the player must move the spittoon left or right using the flipper buttons to catch the spittle. Catch 10 before missing three to win. Occasionally a surprise extra ball will be spit out.


Shadow Boxing Hurry Up

Hit the heavy bag to collect the hurry up prize. You can increase the value of the hurry up by completing jab shots. You can start hurry up in the skill shot, or by shooting the jabs.



Collect jackpots when they are lit. The jackpot awards are progressive.

The first jackpot is worth 100,000 point the second is worth 200,000 and so forth. See how far you can go. The Left Return Lane when lit lights the outer right lane jackpot. The right-return lane lights the ramp jackpot. Both of these are repeatable until the shot times out.



There are three ways to train for a fight:

  1. The Heavy Bag-- Shoot the ball into the heavy bag. Use the green hook ramps to learn how to control the height of the ball. Earn life bars and spell out Fisticuffs to start multiball.
  2. The Speed Bag-- Climb the staircase ramp to get to the speed bag on the balcony. Use either hand to fire the ball into speed bag. Develop timing and coordination try to get as many hits on speed bag before the mode times out. Earn life bars and see if you can become the Speed Bag Champ.
  3. The Jump Rope-- The left outer lane shot will get you to the popper to launch you up to the jump rope area. As the rope spins around use the flipper button to jump the ball over the rope. Earn life bars and see if you can become the Jump Rope Champ.

*It is only possible to train in an event when it is lit.


Life Bars

The life bars are two stacks of LEDs located in the middle of the playfield. The Stack on the left represents the player's level of strength. The players stack will have three bars lit at the beginning of every game. The player can increase his life bar by training. The stack on the right represents the boxer the player is facing. The boxer's life bar is illuminated after the player has completed his training and is ready to fight. During a fight the player's life bar is decreased based on time. The boxer's life bar decreases when the ball hits the boxer.


Jewels in the Belt

Complete all five events to finish off the belt:

Complete all Jackpots

Complete all multiballs

Complete all training events

Win A fight by KO (knock out)


* Completing Belt, lights ultimate challenge



To become PUB CHAMP you must win the four preliminary BOUTS. After which you can fight to become the PUB CHAMP. To win a bout you must shoot the boxer and decrease all of his life bars before he decreases yours. Your life bar will decrease based by time, each time the boxers swings his arms bars are deducted from your stack. Every shot to the boxer decreases his life bar. A shot to the gut reduces the boxer's life bar by one or two, while a hit to the head always reduces it by two. Jab shots reduce the life bar by one. Use the JAB COMBO to set up for a KO. After wining each BOUT you will be awarded with a prize.

Bout ONE Lights Spitting Gallery

Bout TWO Lights Extra Ball

Bout Three Starts RAID Multiball

Bout Four Starts Contender Challenge

The Purse

The purse is the prize for winning a bout. There are several ways to increase the purse value:

Skill Shot award.

Shoot the corner shot throughout the game.

Completing the 3-Bank Target.

Shooting the ramp during a fight.

Ten successful Jumps of the rope or Speed bag hits in a row doubles purse.


Jab Combo

During a bout shoot either the left or the right jab shot. This will light the other jab shot. Completing the second jab shot will light the Boxer KO lights. Hitting the boxer in the head will win the bout instantly. After each successful KO the player will have to complete an additional jab shot to light Boxer KO.


Power Shot

During a fight if the ball enters the Danger Zone and enters the catapult you will receive a power shoot. Which will give you three life bars and several seconds of invulnerability.


Contender Challenge

This is a mode that starts after winning the fourth bout. All shots are lit and the player must complete each shot. A Million points are displayed on the screen at the beginning of the mode. This value decreases with time and is collected when each shot is completed. The score is then reset after every successful shot. If mode is completed successfully the life bar will be advanced to top and START FIGHT will light.


Pub Champion

Winning this bout gives you the title and starts CHAMPION MULTIBALL.


Champion Multiball

Champion Multiball is a four-ball multiball where all three multiballs start.


Ultimate Challenge

To start this mode three conditions have to be met:

    1. You must be Pub Champ
    2. Have all the jewels in the belt
    3. Have a full Life Bar

In this mode you will face the five remaining boxers on one life bar during a 4-ball multiball.

*Until all conditions are met you can train and fight in CASH FIGHTS.