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Fast Breaking play begins by picking your favorite team from The 29 NBA Teams and accepting the challenge to improve your teams record. The challenge continues when each player competes to win a championship ring by completing each of the six main goals, all while shooting baskets and scoring just like real basketball.


Discover the shots, rules, features, and fun of NBA Fastbreak Pinball by Exploring the Playfield.

Optional Backbox Marquee attaches to the standard backbox, drawing players from all around!

Game Flyer and Poster

Flyer front Flyer back Poster

NBA Fastbreak Pinball Was Created By

Concept/Design: George Gomez
Mechanics: Tom Kopera
Software: Tom Uban
Music/Sound: Kevin Quinn
Graphic Art: Kevin O'Connor
Dot Matrix Art: Adam Rhine and Brian Morris
Speech: Tim Kitzrow and Beth Smukowski
Consultant: Roger Sharpe
Additional Sound Effects: Courtesy of NBA Entertainment

Technical Support

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Bonus Sounds

"He's lost it out of bounds!"
32 Khz .wav [107k] .aiff [107k]
8 Khz .wav [28k] .aiff [28k]
Real Audio
Crowd Cheer
32 Khz .wav [262k] .aiff [262k]
8 Khz .wav [67k] .aiff [67k]
Real Audio
"Go for it!"
32 Khz .wav [54k] .aiff [54k]
8 Khz .wav [14k] .aiff [14k]
Real Audio
"It's goooooooood!"
32 Khz .wav [123k] .aiff [123k]
8 Khz .wav [32k] .aiff [32k]
Real Audio
"Hit the road Jack, you're history!"
32 Khz .wav [133k] .aiff [133k]
8 Khz .wav [35k] .aiff [35k]
Real Audio
Shot Clock Horn
32 Khz .wav [152k] .aiff [152k]
8 Khz .wav [39k] .aiff [39k]
Real Audio
"Ohhhh, that's gotta hurt!"
32 Khz .wav [103k] .aiff [103k]
8 Khz .wav [27k] .aiff [27k]
Real Audio
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm outta here!"
32 Khz .wav [161k] .aiff [161k]
8 Khz .wav [42k] .aiff [42k]
Real Audio
"Back to school, baby!"
32 Khz .wav [102k] .aiff [102k]
8 Khz .wav [26k] .aiff [26k]
Real Audio
"He scores!"
32 Khz .wav [118k] .aiff [118k]
8 Khz .wav [31k] .aiff [31k]
Real Audio
"It's showtime!"
32 Khz .wav [91k] .aiff [91k]
8 Khz .wav [24k] .aiff [24k]
Real Audio
"Let's get this one underway"
32 Khz .wav [167k] .aiff [167k]
8 Khz .wav [43k] .aiff [43k]
Real Audio
Referee's Whistle
32 Khz .wav [70k] .aiff [70k]
8 Khz .wav [18k] .aiff [18k]
Real Audio


Height: 76"193 cm
Height (backbox folded): 56"142 cm
Width: 29"74 cm
Depth: 55"140 cm
Weight (crated): 270 lbs122 kg
Weight (uncrated): 250 lbs113 kg

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