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Castle Gate not registering ball hits

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well I checked out what you said and there doesn't appear to be any metal anywhere near the solder site. It looks good, so I really don't know what is going on. I must be doing something wrong, since I appear to be the only person with this issue other then that one other guy.

Just so I'm 100% in order to attain a castle hit it has to break the drawbridge opto then the gate opto then the drawbridge opto one more time right, if it doesn't do these in a certain amount of time it disregards the hit correct?

I rolled the ball at the gate in test mode as fast as I would if it would ignore the hit and of course in test mode it passed every time 20 out of 20.

I think the problem I found was with the drawbridge opto instead of the gate opto. I remember the problem one was close to metal and I found the problem because there was a small burn mark where the connection had been shorting out.

ahhh, I will check that when I get back to the location. I know the ball has to pass the drawbridge once, then hit the gate, and then pass the drawbridge again in order for a hit to register.
only thing is the drawbridge registers 100% of the hits every time, no matter how fast the ball is going. as soon as you try to hit the gate you have to shoot it slower in order for it to register the hits even then sometimes it doesn't work.

at least the drawbridge will be easier to check.
thank you

well I fixed the issue, but I created the issue.
 I installed a cliffy drawbridge protector. I still don't really understand why it didn't work maybe the opto's need to be a little further. I took the protector out and it registers almost 100% of the ball hits. I was honestly going to take that particular protector out anyway because it kept coming loose. so I had to bend it more and more to keep it in place. it might work for a house since it's not played as much but my machine get on average 200 plays a week.

all the other protectors worked fine with some adjusting. the ball was contently getting stuck at the catapult and merlin hole protectors till I bent the metal a certain way. I don't mind having them if they actually help protect the game, but when they start messing with how the game plays they got to go. that being said I'm sure others having figured it out, I just don't have the patience.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginThe castle exploding on the lock ball shot when the gate is already open happens on mine too. But not all the time. I've noticed that a lock ball shot blows up the castle on the shot made immediately after the castle gate opens. If I make some other shot after the gate opens and then hit the lock ball shot, it only registers a locked ball. I'm not sure if that is by design or if I'm just selectively noticing that, but i have been surprised at times when the castle explodes on the lock ball shot and I think I've narrowed it down to that immediate shot after the gate opens up.

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I've had this happening on my game too (the castle exploding when the gate is open and you hit the castle lock). Since I've seen a few people reporting this on the forum, it looks like this is a software problem. Could this be solved by a firmware update? I do have the latest version installed at the moment.



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