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Castle Gate not registering ball hits

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Lloyd Olson:
Not a software problem.
A switch firing that shouldn't.
If an opto, may be getting effected by stray light.
LTG : )

Are you sure about that? I mean I know that opto's can be sensitive to vibrating and such (I also have a POTC which has a lot more opto's and a lot more vibration), but the castle exploding every once in a while only happens when the gate is open and you hit the castle lock. I would say this happens about 1 out of 20 times.

You would think that if it's the opto, the bridge/gate would also be registering random hits when the castle lock is hit. But that doesn't happen. It only happens when the gate is already open and you hit the castle lock, it might happen that the castle will explode (not very often, but every now and then).

Would you have any advice considering the opto's or anything else?


Lloyd Olson:
I'm sure it's not a software issue. With well over 2,000 games out there. A lot more would be popping up with an issue.
Be sure the optos are clean, lined up so they hit each other. That the balls aren't flying over the beam of light. And don't rule out poor connection, poor solder joint, or flaky opto. And there have been a few where other light sources were triggering them.

Oh, I thought that was a by-design defect - it's 100% repeatable on mine. That is, get the castle to be one-hit away from blowing, then immediately put the ball through the lock-hole, and the castle blows up. The lock-shot has to go in within seconds of the previous castle-shot or it works normally. I will look at my sensors, if it's a physical light-path issue, the timing thing would not be relevant, no?

Lloyd Olson:
Tests - Switch Edge - pass something between the optos. If they work, the ball is probably flying higher above them. Then make your playfield a 6 1/2 degree pitch and lower your flipper strength.
LTG : )


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