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Author Topic: Bad R Ramp Exit Switch? (MM-0355 - Ticket #298)  (Read 9904 times)

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Bad R Ramp Exit Switch? (MM-0355 - Ticket #298)
« on: October 12, 2015, 07:32:03 PM »
I recently noticed that shots up the right ramp weren't registering so I got into the switch test and confirmed that it is a very flaky exit switch(the second switch the ball hits after making the u-turn back down to the flipper).  When I first started testing it with my finger, it wasn't registering closed at all.  Making sure the wire contacts were solid, etc. didn't seem to make much of a difference, but after a bunch of hammering of the switch, it finally started to register.  It still wasn't totally consistent though.  I disassembled it from the ramp to make sure that the metal leaf part was making good contact with the little plunger part of the switch and it was fine.  But even manually depressing that part didn't help much.  I really think it's fubar'd internally.  I reattached it to the ramp and fastened it tight.  It seemed to want to work more consistently then so I thought maybe I just needed to clamp it down tighter.  I closed up and played a couple of games and...it failed again.  Think I'm going to need a replacement switch.

Another problem I've had on my machine is the catapult is a bit flaky.  Sometimes it will eject it out a bit too hard and it might hit the top of the ramp or the gate instead of making a nice smooth run all the way around.  Or it might not eject out quite hard enough and/or sort of shimmy halfway around and then fall back, returning down the left ramp.  This is at the lowest(default) setting.  I've tried a higher setting, but that proves even more unreliable. 

Also, it seems like my trolls are a bit too tough.  Not saying they should be pushovers, but is there a setting for that or do I have to get my hands dirty to get them to register hits a bit easier?
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Re: Bad R Ramp Exit Switch? (MM-0355 - Ticket #298)
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2015, 08:46:33 PM »
I alerted your ticket to Ron to get you a new switch.

The Trolls - leaf blade switches. You'd have to adjust them if you'd like them more sensitive. Move the rear leaf blade closer to the troll face. Careful so you don't make it too sensitive and vibration sets it off.

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