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Author Topic: MMR Update 2/17  (Read 3910 times)

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MMR Update 2/17
« on: February 17, 2015, 12:56:03 PM »
We are going thru everything on the first 10 games to insure that they can do a mass production. There have been some minor adjustments (which tend to be improvements to the original game as most of the issues are based off original wms design, etc):

- one switch could cause a hangup so it has been adjusted so that the lever on the switch is clipped onto a different position on the microswitch
- one switch actually is wrong per print, and so a longer version of the actuator was made after confirming per original games (and consulting with Gomez, etc) - it works fine - mainly because the software (per Lyman) never figured it would be correct (lol)
- some locktight as spec'd by wms was the wrong type for a particular shaft so it has been updated
- some parts were cosmetically inconsistent as they were pulled out and sorted and the oddball ones culled out
- a lip on one of the holes was too rough so that has been smoothed out
- a couple other minor things.

Anyways, talking with Stern yesterday, they are boxing up today, and should be having the first games leaving in the next day or two. More games are on the line (I think they said another 15 or so).

Every minor thing needs to be documented and the people on the line trained and updated to insure that the line will be able to move as quickly as possible ... so longer upfront to get faster line speed with fewer issues later ... welcome to manufacturing.

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