DATE: December 1995

GAME: Johnny Mnemonic

SUBJECT: Fuses 104 and/or 105 blowing

CAUSE: Wires to data glove not correctly dressed.

This service bulletin addresses the problem of fuse 104 and/or fuse 105 blowing on some Johnny Mnemonic pinballs. This is caused by the wire harness not being correctly dressed, and thus the wires snag and short to the metal frame.

See diagram below for instructions on correctly dressing the wires to the data glove.

A: Incorrectly dressed wires.
B: Dress wires clear of bearing bracket. *Check motion after dressing.*
C: DO NOT dress wires so that they go over this bracket. When carriage moves back wires may be cut.

Thank you,
WMS GAMES Parts & Service INC.