Ringed/Finned Post C-951-13 1 Inch Clear

Ringed/Finned Post C-951-13 1 Inch Clear
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    Ringed/Finned Posts C-951 (short) and C-952 (long)

    Ringed or Finned Post used on many games particularly Early Bally Games. These posts accept #8 or #6 Post as well as come in several colors and two different Lengths. Produced from original WMS blueprints, these will be dimensionally correct. The holes are tapered inside per original blueprints.

    These posts were made in two different Lengths, and both Lengths are on most games that used them. The 'short' post C-951 is 1 Inch, and the 'long' post C-952 is 1 3/16 Inch.

    As for colors, as denoted by the '-X' at the end of the part number. Early Bally color designations were different than later model Bally and Williams designations, so this can be confusing!

    -1 = Transparent Red as original (also would be -9 in later numbering)
    -2L = Light Transparent Blue - matching the original lighter blue on games. This also is closer to -30 color code which is light blue transparent as used on later model Williams/Bally games. This is what you use if you want to match closely to original plastics (popbumper caps, popbumper rings, etc).
    -2D = Transparent Blue - this is the commonly used 'blue' color on modern games. It is a little darker than the originals, and often you will find that new popbumper caps, popbumper rings, etc may be this darker blue, so it will match up better (also would be -10 in later numbering)
    -7 = Amber which is a lighter red, really inbetween red and orange (also would be -8 in later numbering)
    -13 = Clear Plastic
    -12 = Transparent Orange

    Part Numbers are then defined as the combination of the different elements:

    C-951-2L for example would be the short post (C-951) in light transparent blue (-2L)
    C-952-1 for example would be the long post (C-952) in transparent red (-1)

    Known Game Usage:
    - FATHOM: -2L and -2D posts both short and long (22 short, 11 long)