Game Code Update - REV7 Road Show

Game Code Update - REV7 Road Show
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    ANNOUNCING: NEW FOR 2020! Updated Game Roms - Under license from Williams Electronics Games, Inc and Planetary Pinball Supply.

    As part of Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc. License with WMS, we have received approved to make available modified game code via EPROMS that PPS as well as a number of other AUTHORIZED suppliers have available.

    This is done in collaboration with Soren Worre, who is a talented software developer who is fixing original game flaws or adding enhancements to improve the overall game play.

    Note, that PLEASE support this effort as we have setup a number of authorized suppliers. If we have people selling this without authorization or distributing binary files (both of which are a violation of copyright as well as WMS licensing agreements), then we may stop this activity. We are planning enhancements to many games, and support within the pinball community will help fund Soren so he is motivated to continue.

    The following suppliers are authorized - you can verify as these EPROMS will ONLY have a BLUE serial numbered hologram on them - without these they are counterfeit, and please contact PPS in that case!

    - Matt's Basement Arcade
    - Classic Arcades
    - Action Pinball
    - Astill Amusements
    - (Soren Worre)
    - Planetary Pinball

    Here is the Update for ROAD SHOW- Enjoy!


    EPROM Jumper Settings for U6 W1 W2

    Red & Ted's Road Show
    Revision 7.0
    1 November 2020


    Game software

    Road Show U6 game ROM rev 7.0.rom
    SHA1: ABE152F39FC796F641554F2F3F65543C86BC6B2A



    Changes designed and implemented by Soren Worre.

    Based on the revision L-6 software released in 1994 by Williams Electronics Games Inc.

    The author would like to thank the designers of this pinball machine.

    Special thanks to Jesper Graver.



    The city modes sequence is no longer restricted to an east to west route. The order may now criss-cross the map. Next city advanced by the pop bumpers and the coloured targets. With special rules for The trading post (Albuquerque), which is city no. 8. And The west coast (Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles), which are the wizard modes made available after a certain number of cities have been played.



    Easier for players to experience the various modes of the game.
    Greater variety from game to game.
    Strategic choices for playing preferred modes.
    Bug fix.


    Detailed changes description

    Reference to the L-6 revision.

    New feature adjustment A.2 27 "Route of cities".
    - "East west": Same as rev. L-6. City modes are progressing from east to west.
    - "Any route": City modes are playable in a semi-random route. Criss-crossing the map.

    Default: "East west".

    New feature adjustment A.2 28 "West coast city at".
    Options "10" - "16": The city modes progression, at which, the west coast final modes become available. Applicable to the Any route mode only.

    Default: "10".

    Any route configuraition detailed description.

    The route:
    W New York
    O Miami
    Y Atlanta

    W Ohio
    O New Orleans
    Y Nashville

    W Chicago
    O Dallas
    Y Kansas City

    W Minnesota
    Y Denver

    W Butte
    Y Salt Lake City
    O Las Vegas

    The trading post:
    O Albuquerque

    The west coast:
    W Seattle
    Y San Francisco
    O Los Angeles

    The route:
    Game starts with New York lit.
    On a mode finish, the next unplayed city on The route is lit.
    A pop bumper hit will move a lit city to the next unplayed one on The route.
    A stand-up target hit will move a lit city to the next unplayed one in its colour, if any, on The route.
    The "next unplayed" is cycling back to the top.

    The trading post:
    Albuquerque is always city no. 8.
    After Albuquerque, The route is re-entered at Denver.
    If Denver is already played, lit city moves on to the next unplayed one.

    The west coast:
    At the adj. A.2 28 selected city number (10-16, default at 10) The west coast begins.
    The city of The west coast, which is of same colour of the one just completed, is lit.

    When adj. A.2 28 is set to a value between "10" and "15":
    The west coast stage is running as in rev. L-6.
    A pop bumper hit will move a lit city to the next one on The west coast.
    A stand-up target hit will move a lit city to the one of its colour on The west coast.
    One west coast city may be played (with option to start the Super payday wizard mode).
    After this, the map resets and New York is the city lit.

    When adj. A.2 28 is set to "16":
    Special marathon option, where all three west coast cities may be played in succession.
    A pop bumper hit will move a lit city to the next unplayed one on The west coast.
    A stand-up target hit will move a lit city to the one of its colour on The west coast, if unplayed.
    This stage is active until a) all west coast cities are played or b) Super payday is played.
    After this, the map resets and New York is the city lit.

    The map runs a new light show celebration, when 17 cities are completed.
    With the 18th and final city pending play for a completion of the entire map.

    The stand-up targets refered to are the orange, yellow and white ones only.

    A bug where the Payday bonus could be given for an unplayed city (with 0 points), fixed.

    The city of Houlton appears as an easter egg during Super payday. Does not affect points awarded.

    A bug where the Los Angeles mode could fail to end on time expiration, fixed.

    The lamp matrix procedure is upgraded to better prevent "ghosting" when LED lamps are used.

    Adjustment A.1 21 "Language" is limited to "English".

    Adjustment A.1 28 "Min. vol override" defaults to “Yes”.



    When adj. A.2 27 "Route of cities" is set to "East west", the adj. A.2 28 "West coast city at" is irrelevant.

    When adj. A.2 27 "Route of cities" is set to "Any route", the adj. A.2 16 "Longer path" is irrelevant.


    Sound board software

    To be installed with sound board software rev. L-1.

    U2 SHA1: 34CE236CC874B820DB2D2268CC77815ED7CA061B
    U3 SHA1: FA975A6A93FCAEFDDCBD1C0B97C49BD9F9608AD4
    U4 SHA1: B850BC8E17D8940F93C1E7B6A0AB786B092694B3
    U5 SHA1: 817BBD7FC0781D84AF6C40CB477ADF83CEF07AB2
    U6 SHA1: 96D664CA73AC896E918D7011C1CDA3E55E3731B7
    U7 SHA1: 2A788E4AC573BF1D128E5BEF9357E62C805014B9
    U8 SHA1: 9BE9F271D81D15A4EB123F1377B0C077EEF97774



    Copyright 1996, 2020 Williams Electronics Games Inc. & Planetary Pinball Supply Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    The software is provided as-is, without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in the software.

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