CPU Eprom Upgrade - Bally Playboy (U2/U6) - see Note

CPU Eprom Upgrade - Bally Playboy (U2/U6) - see Note
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    This contains two EPROMS for upgrading your Bally Playboy game - note that some jumper soldering is required - instructions come with the game (we do not include sockets, jumper wires, or IC puller if required you can purchase separately)

    This is an upgrade to be able to fix your existing AS-2518-35 MPU or increase reliability for your game.

    This solution comprises of TWO chips and the instructions (note includes the need to solder a few wire jumpers) to replace all game chips in your AS-2518-35 MPU board (which can be up to 6 ICs).

    This solution increases reliability of the overall board because - a) the original roms had some characteristics where there was corrosion on the legs of the existing roms causing issues with the game, and b) reducing down to 2 chips creates a more reliable environment.

    For games using the Bally AS-2518-35 which were built from about 1978 thru 1985 - these are pre-programmed eproms for each specific game - and use Chip socket U2 and U6 only - these are programmed already for your game and EPROMS unlike the original masked ROMs which are no longer aviailable.

    This chip set requires jumpering the board - depending on what existing configuration your board is there may be up to 7 jumper settings which are small wires to be soldered onto the board, as well as to cut one jumper if installed on the original board. You can use small gauge wire (18-22 gauge) or purchase jumper kits which have various lengths stripped already.

    We include a diagram and pictures of where to place jumpers.

    Depending on the sockets installed you may want to replace the sockets on the board. The original sockets on the board were usually not very reliable as there was contact on only one side of the pin. Best (but not required) to replace the U2 and U6 sockets with dual sided contact sockets.