Game Code Update - REV3 Radical (2 Chips)

Game Code Update - REV3 Radical (2 Chips)
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    ANNOUNCING: NEW FOR 2020! Updated Game Roms - Under license from Williams Electronics Games, Inc and Planetary Pinball Supply.

    As part of Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc. License with WMS, we have received approved to make available modified game code via EPROMS that PPS as well as a number of other AUTHORIZED suppliers have available.

    This is done in collaboration with Soren Worre, who is a talented software developer who is fixing original game flaws or adding enhancements to improve the overall game play.

    Note, that PLEASE support this effort as we have setup a number of authorized suppliers. If we have people selling this without authorization or distributing binary files (both of which are a violation of copyright as well as WMS licensing agreements), then we may stop this activity. We are planning enhancements to many games, and support within the pinball community will help fund Soren so he is motivated to continue.

    The following suppliers are authorized - you can verify as these EPROMS will ONLY have a BLUE serial numbered hologram on them - without these they are counterfeit, and please contact PPS in that case!

    - Matt's Basement Arcade
    - Classic Arcades
    - Action Pinball
    - Astill Amusements
    - (Soren Worre)
    - Planetary Pinball

    Here is the Update for RADICAL - Enjoy!

    Revision 3.0
    31 October 2020


    Game software

    Radical U26 game ROM rev 3.0.rom
    SHA1: 8479BAFD31940C901A819CA2347DADAF005AAD17

    Radical U27 game ROM rev 3.0.rom
    SHA1: 7061DD65406D0D457A6E69893C39F058ADE23F33



    Changes designed and implemented by Soren Worre.

    Based on the revision L-1 software released in 1990 by Williams Electronics Games Inc.

    The author would like to thank the designers of this pinball machine.



    Logic regarding ball lock and multilball progression is made per players individual merit.
    Players never loose achevements from ball to ball.
    Derandomisation of the multiball Mega-million (jackpot).
    Derandomisation of the Snake run award.
    Further game elements that was not even for all in multi-player games now equalised.
    New Contest game adjustment.
    Bug fixes. Points not being awarded. Multiball false start. Ball stock in lock lane. And more.



    Fully suitable for competition play.
    No ball hangup in the lock lane requiring a power cycle.
    Still suitable for arcade play via adjustment.
    Many bug fixes for a perfected game that plays and awards points as expected.


    Detailed changes description

    Reference to the L-1 (and Europe L-2) revision.

    RADICAL progress is never lost.
    Lock made progress is player individual (no hard lock stealing). And never lost.
    New status report page: RADICAL lights lock -> Lock lit -> RADICAL lights multiball -> Multiball lit.

    On tilt, a locked ball is only ejected in the case of both balls ending up in the lock trough.
    Lower drop target bank reset omitted from ball search.
    Pops added to ball search.

    Menu adjustment 50 changed from "Display AU01-04" to "Contest game". Options: "No" and "Yes". Default: "No".
    When Contest game selected: The lock trough kicker is omitted from ball search.
    When Contest game selected: The X ramp diverter is omitted from ball search.
    When Contest game selected: Snake run awards follow a fixed sequence. Cross balls, player individual.
    The Snake run sequence: Million, Vertical, Skate, Tail, Million, Vertical, Skate, Tail, Mystery, Mystery,...
    When Contest game selected: Snake run "next award" is indicated on the backbox translite.
    When Contest game selected: The Snake run Mystery award is 100K.

    The Mega-millions jackpot follows the fixed sequence of 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M, 10M,... Increment on collect. Player individual.

    Ball tracking and handling are cleaned up.
    No multiball false start.
    No incorrect end-of-ball, when draining down to one ball-in-play.

    A bug where Bust-a-move ramp shots would not register on fast combos, fixed.
    A bug where Tail slide ramp shots would not always divert the ball, fixed.
    Buggy X ramp diverter control with multiple up/down/up cycles on open, fixed.

    Better postpond ball search handling when balls are held by the game.
    A bug where Mega-million would go to last chance (timing out) on ball search, fixed.

    A bug where the lower drop targets would stay down with no Spot letter option, fixed.
    A buggy light show procedure related to the lower drop target bank, removed.

    Tail slider start level is harmonised at level 2 for all players.
    A bug where Tail slider mode would carry half baked to next player, fixed.
    Tail slider exceeding level 15 no longer freeze the ball in the lock.
    A bug where Tail slider would start on last "A" achieved as Spot letter on the ramp, fixed.

    Messy logic regarding RADICAL progress and RADICAL shots indicators are cleaned up.
    A bug where on tilt, the game would not shut down lights and music, fixed.

    A bug where the kickback could be unlit but active by mistake in multi-player games, fixed.



    Lock made status sustains through a ball removed from the lock by opponents or a tilt.
    Soft lock stealing only. Relock necessary, but opponents will never benefit a players achievements.

    If Skate-or-die is lit, a Skate-or-die at the Snake run will award the Mystery instead.
    The buggy diverter control would occationally make a diverted Tail slide ramp shot register as a Bust-a-move ramp shot.
    The fixed diverter control allows plunging the ball to lock/start multiball, when lit, at start-of-ball.

    Tail slider mode is lit on (radicAl) "A" collected. Re-lit on a spinner shot and at start-of-ball. Mode lit does not time out.
    Once the mode is started, the Tail slider indicator runs on a 12 seconds timeout. Reset on a Tail slider collected.

    The European ROM defaults to the hard pre-set. The mod, based on the US ROM, defaults to the medium pre-set. The medium pre-set is recommended.
    Spot RADICAL on inlanes (adjustment 32) stops when the score exceeds 4M.


    Sound board software

    To be installed with sound board software rev. L-1.

    U4 SHA1: 27984BBC91DC7593E6A5B42F74DD6DDF58189BEC
    U19 SHA1: BDEEA7517F2ADF72B4B642BFFB25BA5B98453127
    U20 SHA1: 7DA0289CF0A0C93768C0706FDEDFC3A5F2101E77



    Copyright 1990, 2020 Williams Electronics Games Inc. & Planetary Pinball Supply Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    The software is provided as-is, without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in the software.

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