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No Good Gofers - Playfield and Rules

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Whirlwheel Awards

Lite Extra Ball Shoot the putting green for an extra ball!
Cart Attack Hit the golf cart for big points!
Gofer Attack Stop the gofer's time bomb by hitting the captive ball
Quick Jackpot Shoot the side ramp for a quick jackpot (1 million times each hole scored)
Warp Automatically advance one to three holes!
Pop-A-Gofer Whack as many gofers as you can before time expires.
Lite Outlanes Lite one outlane lamp for an extra ball or special.
Player's Choice Stop the spinning wheel with the flippers and pick your award.
Free Lock Automatically lock a ball and advance toward Multiball.
Speed Golf All targets advance the Speed Golf jackpot, hit the driving range to collect the jackpot.
Lite Ripoff Automatically start the Ripoff countdown.
Bad Shot Finish the hole with 7 strokes.
Hole in One Finish the hole with 1 stroke and collect the Hole-in-One award.
Lite Kickback Automatically lite the kickback.
Big Spinners Lite the spinners for big points.
Gofer's Choice Bud and Buzz choose your award!  Watch for surprises!



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